Esor Ben-Sorek

Our Dying Democracy. Who Did God Vote For?

It’s Tuesday morning and God is sitting rather uncomfortably on His heavenly throne reading a daily newspaper. It is today’s edition of the daily Ha’aretz newspaper and His eyes are fixed upon a well-written article by Yossi Verter, “Netanyahu is More Desperate and Dangerous Than Ever Before”.

God is smiling but it is not a smile of joy. Like our esteemed president Reuven Rivlin, God cannot be happy with the election results and therefore with the law which declares the candidate with the most support of the voters be handed 28 days in which to form a new government. Bibi is doomed to fail.

Recognizing our dying democracy in the hands of a criminally indicted prime minister, even God is powerless to intervene. He is therefore trying to console the electorate with soothing words. “If after four elections you did not succeed, try again for the fifth. And if that too should fail, try for a sixth…maybe even a seventh. If Israel is the laughing-stock of the democratic nations of the world what difference will a fifth, sixth or seventh matter? It is a dying democracy and cannot be resurrected from the dead”.

In a last-minute effort at consolation God summoned up the spirit of Menachem Begin, one of Israel’s most beloved and effective prime ministers.

“Nu”, He asked. Tell me, Menachem, what shall I do?” And Menachem’s voice could be heard from heaven to earth saying, “Dear God. Your people, misguided as they are, have spoken and have given president Rivlin no choice but to re-appoint the Likud dictator. However, Heavenly Father, in Your great Wisdom, You could support the vox populi while rejecting Netanyahu as the leader of the Likud party. A Likud without Netanyahu as its leader may appease the Israeli populace and may restore Israel’s democracy to its greatness as it was while I was alive and serving the people as its beloved prime minister”.

God, as is well remembered, listens to Menachem Begin whom He held and holds with utmost respect.

The hands of president Rivlin were tied by the law which requires him to hand the reins of government to the party with the most recommendations but he can possibly avert the clause, for the sake and sanity of the nation, by handing leadership of the party to a sober, non-criminal, respected leader to govern. That new Likud leader would not be and should never again be Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu.

Yossi Verter wrote the strongest and most literate of all the newspapers in our country when his article condemned Netanyahu as the most dangerous and desperate leader than ever before in Israel’s history.

God read it and re-read it prior to His consultation with Begin in the privacy of heaven. And He read it once more after Begin presented Him with an option.

A reader made an interesting suggestion. Let president Rivlin become our next prime minister and hand the powerless but distinguished position of president to Netanyahu. That could solve our national dilemma and crisis.

An Israeli president is a figure-head who receives diplomats and accredits them to service in Israel. He neither makes laws nor changes laws. Such a noble position would please the puppet Bibi and his puppet-mistress Sara and with Rivlin as our prime minister our country could return to its dignity and democracy which it deserves and for which it yearns.

For the sake of unity, tranquility and a return to our once beautiful democracy Lapid, Bennett, and Sa’ar may find the strength and the ability to find the path to leading the government of Israel and protecting the dignity which Netanyahu has stolen from our citizens.

Miracles are often seen in Israel’s history past and present. Let us bury the dictatorship of too many egoistic years suffering from the contagious plague of Bibi-itis.

Our people are demanding a return to democracy. God is listening and is preparing to cast His ballot.

Are we, the decent citizens of Israel, ready for a needed and wanted change in our national lives? Or are we simply cowards fearful of changes?

Ask God whom He voted for. (It wasn’t for Bibi, you can be sure about that!) Satan the devil must have had a hand in it. Who else could be so cruel to us?

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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