Our List of Demands for Rutgers

A sign found on the Rutgers Newark Campus.
Signs such as this one were posted all over the Rutgers University Campus. (courtesy)

Rutgers has recently decided, like Northwestern University and others to capitulate to the loudest and most uninformed and offensive minority of students by its recent decision to give in to nearly all the demands of the protestors who support a terrorist regime. But what makes Rutgers worse than the others is that it is a state university which is funded in large part by taxpayers of New Jersey.

The following is a list of demands I believe would make for a much better outcome for ALL Rutgers students.

Our 10 Demands

In response to Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway and Chancellor Francine Conway’s decision to acquiesce to the demands of the Pro-Palestine protestors in exchange for their removing their encampment on Voorhees Mall, we the Jewish students are demanding our own set of demands in exchange for NOT establishing an encampment and engaging in hostile acts. We believe that it would be prudent to agree to our demands now to avoid having to deal with us for a lengthy period of time and prevent harm to those students who don’t share our opinions about the war launched by Gazan terrorists as well as avoid lawsuits from students who don’t feel safe on campus.

  1. Anti-Israel protestors must issue a letter of apology to Jewish students who they disparaged and willfully offended by their signs, verbiage, chants, and deliberately making it difficult for students to go about their academic and social lives.
  2. Rutgers must issue and enforce a rule that masks are not allowed to be worn by protestors. Students and their non-student backers do this to avoid having to stand behind their purported beliefs and face any consequences.
  3. Rutgers must issue and enforce a rule that tents are not a form of free speech and will no longer be allowed on campus. Student who wish to commune with nature and the great outdoors can do so outside of the campus.
  4. Ten Israeli students (including Jewish, Druze and Israeli Arabs) will be given scholarships to attend Rutgers. To qualify these students must have been significantly impacted by the attack on Oct. 7 or among the 70,000 residents of the Northern border with Lebanon who have been displaced since Oct. 7 making it difficult for them to complete their studies.
  5. If Rutgers cannot control students who engage in activities labeled “protests” that are so extreme in language or action as to force the school to switch to virtual learning, as happened at Columbia University for instance, they will have to refund student tuition on a per diem basis. If the number of days the school has shuttered in-person learning exceeds one-half of a semester, the entire semester’s tuition will be refunded.
  6. Rutgers will establish a School of Middle East Studies that fairly and objectively presents both sides of the history of the Middle East with a focus on Israel and the Palestinian territories. Faculty will represent both the Israel viewpoint and the Palestinian viewpoint. A panel of both Jewish and Palestinian students will decide which teachers qualify for this program.
  7. All students who face academic penalties for their violation of Rutgers code of acceptable protest shall be given the option of writing a research paper on the history of the Israel/Palestinians conflict with acceptable citations to legitimate sources and must include definitions from a reputable source, i.e. dictionaries, of the following words: apartheid, colonialism, genocide, white settlers, etc.
  8. Eliminate the Department of DEI. First, Rutgers must be transparent about how much money it spends on DEI. Studies have shown that in addition to being a huge waste of taxpayer money, this philosophy of “diversity, equity and inclusion” divides our student body into categories based solely on their race, gender, ethic background, sexual orientation, etc. and further agitates social bonding. In the name of DEI, for instance, Israel is considered, falsely of course, to be in the “white oppressor” box. This reduces human beings to mere categories for easy and thoughtless good vs. bad groups. It has been shown that since the advent of the DEI movement, our citizens have become more, not less, intolerant of those that they perceive fall into the “they” as opposed to the “us” category. A further plus is that the money spent on DEI can be used to reduce tuition.
  9. Only the American flag should be flown on the Rutgers publicly shared space.
  10. A statement from Rutgers stating that it will not engage in divestment in Israel companies due to pressure from the so-called “Endowment Justice Collective,” composed of students and their promotors. Or only if all students at Rutgers agree to give up all the products including their components invented or produced by Israeli companies. Here is just a small sampling of the categories of products Israel has been specializing in. (The rest can be viewed on our 32-page addendum as it is far too long to fit here): GPS, solar windows, micro irrigation systems, wind turbines, heartbeat monitors, recycling systems, solar energy, baby breathing monitors, cherry tomatoes, non meat foods and ingredients.
About the Author
Gina Friedlander is obsessed with all things Israeli. She served as editor of several trade magazines in the health and supplement industries before switching careers and becoming a high school English teacher and tutor of English and SAT prep. Currently she spends her time visiting Israel, writing, playing tennis, doing Israeli folk dancing, and trying to stay positive.
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