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Our Most Colorful Shabbos — Parshat Noach

imageParshah Noach — Every Party Person’s Favorite Shabbos
And You Don’t Have To Be Jewish to Enjoy

Every year at this time, Jewish hostesses around the world are exhausted from a month of Yom Tov celebrations and broken routines. Then we read Parshah Noach, and the fun and festivities begin again.

Noah’s story has been shared for generations in versions from fables to serious religious learning. Mainstream media relives the flood, the pairing of the animals and the building of the ark to reach audiences of all ages and backgrounds in song, film and print.

There are many interpretations and stories connecting each part of Noach. Scholars compare the good versus evil, the commandments of what and how much to eat and drink and the journey of the future generations into the land of Canaan, or Israel.

One thing is for sure, no one misunderstands the fun in particpating in a Noach themed gathering.

Enter Our Kitchens

Two By Two Animal Tablescape
Two By Two Animal Tablescape
Gucci Rainbow Sneakers
Gucci Rainbow Sneakers
One Noach Yamulke
One Noach Yamulke

Family Shabbot tables, Bar Mizvahs, Vorts and any social gathering small or large will most likely be filled with food, tablescapes, fashion and discussion relating to Parshah Noach.

According to Breezy Schwartz, owner of Breezy’s Gifts, known for their giftware and baking classes, “Parshah Noach is one of the few readings where everyone can get into it and it’s fun. Rainbow challah, cookies, cupcakes, the options are endless. Customers purchase our line of cookie cutters and make fruit platters filled with rainbows and animals.”

Rainbow challah recipes and braiding techniques are shared by many Jewish celebrity bakers including Jamie Geller and this version from Many chefs are featuring heathy gluten free or natural food coloring options that are readily available wherever you live.

Party planners design multiple options, depending on the occasion. Family Shabbat meals can include plastic animals with an ark, made from Legos, or school crafts. This is a great opportunity to include kids of all ages in the preparations for the weekend. Unlimited budgets can include rainbow trays and coasters from designers like Edie Parker and ceramic place settings from manufacturers like Pfaltzfraff and Le Creuset. Don’t despair, paper goods and inexpensive clothes, napkins, even rainbow candies make a Noah-themed meal fun.

Fashion Forward Noach

The entire family, friends and guests can take part in dressing for Pashas Noach. Yamulkes of all fabrics and designs are perfect for toddlers, teenagers and even grandfathers. Recent runway shows in New York, London, Paris, Milan and currently in Los Angeles are featuring animal patterns and bold color combinations. Rainbow logos and decals on leather jackets, hats, and even sneakers fit right into the theme. Even Gucci sunglasses reflect the colors of a rainbow as they assist you from strong sunlight.

The possibilities for creating a memorable Shabbos Noach are limitless. Only a surge of enthusiasm is needed. If one is lucky enough to host a Bris, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Wedding, you are one step ahead of the game.

Because of the many symbols and characters within the torah reading, Noach is founding Bereshis, Genesis 6:9 – 11:32. For a full synopsis of the Parshah, has a complete guide.

Another Tablescape Featuring Food Coloring
Another Tablescape Featuring Food Coloring
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