Out of the Jewish Closet During Christmas

What an odd time of the year to begin a Jewish Momma Blog. The invitation to write is a wonderful surprise. But, this also puts me in a position of being 100% out there for the world to see and hear.  My topics are normally light hearted and a look into our blended religion family. I am honored to share them with you here at the Times of Israel.

I have always loved studying various religions. I want to know what makes each religion special; why they believe what they do. I went through Catholic conversion just to see what it was all about.  I have been to Baptist churches, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Catholic, snake charmers, and more. I have read up on Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, and the Bible many times over.

I believe it is human nature to try and categorize our lives and everything in it. It brings us comfort to know what something is, where it fits in, and which group we fit in with. I enjoyed the churches I visited, but never fit in.

Eight years ago I decided to read the Old Testament in its original format, Hebrew.  I fell in love.  I was surprised to find there are many changes between the Tanakh and the Old Testament. (That will be saved for a different blog) So for eight years I studied, learned and converted.

To people that read my personal Facebook closely, it is no surprise. We have not sent out “Christmas” cards in many years.  I post pictures of our Menorahs and celebrate Shabbat weekly. However, I am sure there is a handful that will be surprised.  Why stay quiet about the changes? Sometimes friends and family can be the toughest on people they “love”.  One person has already told me they pray for our children’s souls.  I’m sure it was meant to be helpful. However it is a cruel thing to say. Putting my children through the loving prejudices of others is not something to enter into lightly.  We have had a fire on our porch; crosses and fish carved into a car, and listened to an anti-Semite speech at tree lighting.

They have seen many acts of prejudice already. Hopefully my writing will focus on the joys and times of a Jew-ish family. (yes, that is spelled correctly!) We are a blended family with a variety to our background and religious experiences.  And, do I have some stories to tell! Some stories are sad, some funny, and cross between Southern Momma and Jewish Momma. May I say, the two are not far apart!

So a new adventure begins. Come back often and read about my son’s “dabble on the dark side”, only Jewish girl in the high school dating, explaining Kosher to family that fry everything with bacon and more.

Jewish Momma Blog ~Kitty

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Kitty Crosby is the Jewish Momma Blogger: a full time goddess of chaos and mayhem, mother, teacher, student, wife, gardener, very slow jogger, cat lady and friend. Blogging on the chaos of life as a Jewish Southern mother of teenagers.