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He tried -- he really did -- to keep quiet while seated at a dinner next to a replacement theology proponent

I recently attended a local leadership dinner organized by the Jewish community in my city. I arrived at the exact moment a number of people were crowding near a distinguished looking gentleman who had also just entered the room. His white collar and black shirt made him easily identifiable as a Christian leader, and I was quickly ushered over to him and introduced as, “Pastor Victor – with Christians United For Israel.”

His right eyebrow arched as he reluctantly shook my outstretched hand and responded with a one-syllable response, “Oh.”

I had just met one of the Christian world’s most ardent replacement theologians — one who believe the Jews are occupiers of the land of Israel – not the “inheritors” of the land of Israel. I silently began to beseech the Lord and request that He place me at a table far from this man, who, I’m sure, was probably praying the same thing about me.

I believe God answers all of our prayers and His swift response to mine was “No.”

The host sat me right next to my new “friend.”

The dinner began, and thankfully I had a mouth stuffed full of humus when the reverend announced:

“I just got back from a trip to Israel, and I can’t believe how poorly we were treated by the Israelis. You’d think they would be smart enough not to bite the hand that feeds them,” he sniffed.

My table-mates simply nodded their heads and seemed afraid to confront the awkward accusation of their guest and I dove into my dinner to calm myself down.

He continued, “I was with Monsignor “McKenzie” at the Ben Gurion Airport – and can you believe it? The Jews profiled him. They made [the] Monsignor go through the interviews and baggage check like everyone else!”

“Are you kiddin’ me?” I thought. Everybody gets checked out at the Ben Gurion Airport. They’d question Moses if he came through:

“Sir, what are these…tablets? Were they a gift? Did you pack them yourself?”

The self-appointed, anti-Israel pontificator at our table continued to preach.

“You know the problem with peace in the Middle East?”

I couldn’t wait to hear.

“The Jews just don’t want peace badly enough!” he loudly sneered.

I’d had enough and pushed away from the table, swiveled my body to face the reverend, and unloaded:

“My brother – That is absolutely absurd. Israel is 1/8 of 1% the landmass of the Muslim nations surrounding her — only two of which are willing to even recognize Israel’s right to exist. The Gaza strip is ruled by Hamas, a globally recognized terrorist group that repeatedly calls for the destruction of the Jewish people. And Mahmoud Abbas, the holocaust denying leader of the Palestinians in the West Bank, teaches the Palestinian children that the Jewish people have never had a temple in Jerusalem and “Palestine” includes all of the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Ocean.”

“The problem with peace in the Middle East is that Israel has no peace partner,” I finished with a finger jab in the air to end my quick re-set on the ‘problem with peace in the Middle East.’

Sadly, there are millions of Christians in our nation — like my dinner mate — who continue to embrace the medieval teachings of ‘Replacement Theology’ and believe that God has abandoned all of His promises to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This has a tragic and profound effect on their worldview, including their attitudes towards Israel and the Jewish people.

At our workplaces and in our neighborhoods, on college campuses, in churches and at dinner tables, all anti-Semitism is wicked and much of the anti-Israel rhetoric being screamed around the world is really anti-Jewish hatred, and we should be outraged whenever we are in its presence.

From 1 Samuel 11

About a month after King Saul was crowned as ruler of Israel, King Nahash, the king of the Ammonites led his army against the little Jewish town of Jabesh in the territory of Gilead and they surrounded it. The men of Jabesh attempted a peace process with the King of the Ammonites and the king answered, “I’ll make a treaty with you on one condition: I will gouge out everyone’s right eye – and bring disgrace on all Israel.”

The leaders of Jabesh sent messengers with a cry for help to the town of Gibeah (where King Saul lived) and upon hearing the news, the people there wept in despair. Saul was just then coming in from the field with his oxen, and he asked,

“What’s wrong? Why is everyone crying? They told him what the messengers from Jabesh had reported.

When Saul heard this the spirit of God took control of him — and he was outraged.

Stop here for a moment.

An entire town was weeping and filled with despair.

One man, Saul, was outraged and filled with courage.

The difference?

The spirit of God took control of him.

When Saul heard this the spirit of God took control of him – and he was outraged.

He slaughtered his oxen, cut them in pieces, and had messengers carry the pieces all throughout the land of Israel with this message: “Whoever does not follow King Saul and the prophet Samuel into battle will have this done to all his oxen.”

And you know how this story ends.

Like King Saul, the reader is outraged at the suggested terms of this peace treaty recorded in the Scriptures: We will gouge out the right eye of every Jew in Jabesh. That’s our offer. Take it or leave it.

I suggest to you that the terms of “peace” being offered by the current enemies of Israel are every bit as ghoulish. Israel’s enemies will not be satisfied until Israel is forced into indefensible borders and has given up every Jewish holy site, with Jerusalem gouged out of the Jewish heart/land. Today’s enemies of the Jewish people will not be satisfied until disgrace is brought upon the children of Israel through the complete destruction of the nation of Israel, and the perpetrators boldly announce it, over and over again.

Just one generation ago, there was a Holocaust, and the church in America was silent and over 6,000,000 Jews were murdered.

God uses people to perform His work and He is gathering the Righteous among the Nations to stand with the nation of Israel. We are working in our homes and our churches to solidify the next 100 years of pro-Israel activism as we teach our children and our children’s children to stand up and speak out on behalf of Jewish state. And we will do so until “all the Gentiles see her righteousness and all the kings her glory. Until she is called by a new name which the mouth of God will name. Until she is a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord and a royal diadem in the hand of her God!” (Isaiah 62:2-3)

We are outraged – and particularly so with the brazen arrogance of those within the Christian faith, who read a Bible written by Jews, while denying the validity of God’s promises to their descendants.

About the Author
Victor Styrsky has been a pastor, author, music director, and pro-Israel activist beginning in 1981 when protesting President Ronald Regan's proposed sale of AWACS to Saudi Arabia. He is the author of, "Honest to God - The 10 Questions Jews Ask Christian Zionists" DEVORA Publishing, Israel & Amazon Books and "Jews, Gentiles, and the Mystery of Salvation" Amazon Books.
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