Owen Benjamin’s Rants Are Not Comedy, But Incitement

Owen Benjamin hanging out with his followers on YouTube. (YouTube screenshot)

Owen Benjamin, a failed actor and comedian, is transitioning. He is starting his third career as a professional Jew-hater who solicits donations from people who share his anti-Semitic worldview. To earn his keep, he promotes hate and hostility toward Jews in general and one Jew in particular, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.

Benjamin suggests that that if you’ve been harmed in a war that Shapiro supported, you’re entitled to kill him. In a YouTube video that has seen by thousands of viewers, Benjamin declared “I’d kill the guy” if one of his sons were to die or suffer from the after-effects of fighting a war Shapiro supported. “My son will never fight your fucking Jew wars, Ben,” the wild-eyed Benjamin said in a video posted on YouTube on March 30, 2019.

In the same video (titled “Chickenhawk Ben Shapiro is the Worst”) Benjamin also declared “If anyone has ever had anyone die in the military or had their fucking brain fried and then you have this little faggot Jew [say], ‘Wait, wait, we gotta invade Syria,’ it’ll drive you insane.”

In the same video, Benjamin stated, “Ben Shapiro… he deserves to be in prison” and that Shapiro is “an American citizen and all he can think about is Israeli global dominance as our friends die.” In the midst of a rant about the suffering soldiers have endured as a result of their military service, Benjamin stops himself and declares, “Ben Shapiro is a cu-t” before going back to describing the suffering of his military friends. It’s not too hard to imagine that if something bad were to happen to Shapiro, Benjamin would rejoice.

Benjamin is simply obsessed with Jews and believe me, he hates them. In a video posted on YouTube on Jan. 17, 2019, Benjamin plays a fugue on the piano while singing a parody of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I have A Dream” speech. The song goes, in part, as follows:

“I have a dream that one day people will be able to stand up and say, ‘I find the Jews very sneaky. They seem to be a bit predatory in their lending practices.’”

“I have a dream today that one day Ben Shapiro will stand on the shoulders of a normal-sized man so we can actually see his sneaky little face. And he will speak up and say, ‘I am sneaky.’”

“I have a dream that one day from the hills of Georgia to the snow-capped mountains of Colorado, the Jews will actually tell us what they’re plan is. They’ve had a plan the whole time.”

“I have a dream that one day someone will be honest with me about what the Jews have been up to.”

In late 2017, Benjamin complained about anti-White racism, declaring that “Demonizing white people for the world’s problems is not part of my value system.” He lamented that “it’s now cool to make it out now that white males have done all the bad things in the world.”

The irony is that in subsequent videos Benjamin has blamed Jews for pornography, the rising national debt and the difficulty he had financing a real estate purchase. “No one would give anyone a loan on this [expletive deleted] house because it needed a roof. So no Jew would sign off on that.”

Benjamin also thinks that Jews are somehow responsible for the increase in American’s national debt since 1945. In a video posted on April 3, 2019, Benjamin said, “It’s not that Israel drained our banks. It’s that a satanic alliance has formed and it’s world wide and it happened right after World War II and it sucks us dry. And a lot of them reside in Israel, interestingly enough.”

Jews don’t use violence to manipulate the world, Benjamin says. “Jews aren’t even really violent,” he says. “They have these fantastic imaginations and they’re really good at acquiring power. They don’t kill people. They do false flag s—t, you know. They’ll get other people to kill a million people.” In the same video he said it’s the Christian Zionists and not the Jews who run American foreign policy, but in so doing, pursue a “Jew policy.”

“Iraq was all about Israel,” he said. “Yemen was all about Israel.”

Benjamin has also concluded that the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust has been exaggerated. “It’s not six million. Two million. Two million Jews died in the Holocaust,” he said. “One and a half. I’ll give them one and a half. One point five million. A lot of them died of typhus.”

By way of comparison, “A million Iraqis got their f—–g heads blown off all because of Israeli’s disgusting fantasies,” Benjamin said.

Benjamin also has a problem with the Talmud. On March 12, 2019, Benjamin took to YouTube to post a video titled “A Question for Jews” in which he asks Jews to talk about passages in the Talmud that disparage non-Jews and offends the religious sensibilities of Christians. The fact is that every religion has texts containing problematic passages about non-believers and people of other faiths, but rabbinic Judaism has reinterpreted and de-emphasized these few problematic passages. This an anthropological reality that Benjamin ignores.

“The reason why I called Jews sneaky is because they know we can’t read Hebrew,” Benjamin said before offering the following challenge:

Be our friends, Jews. Explain to us the Talmud and tell us with a definitive no that there’s no reference between us and animals and I will say Mazel Tov. Fine with your little hats. All good, you know. But I will never condone a religion that compares me and my people to anything under a human being with a soul.

During his anti-Talmud rant, Benjamin challenges his viewers to show him “one passage” in the New Testament “that dehumanizes people.” Well, there’s the time John the Baptist calls Jews who visit him “a brood of vipers” in Matthew 12. The fact is, there are a number of passages in the New Testament that have been invoked to justify Christian hostility toward Jews.

Earlier in his career as an internet personality, Benjamin used the persona of “Shylock Holmes” to mock antisemitic conspiracy theories. But in recent months, he has become what he has mocked. He tries to portray his efforts to broadcast anti-Jewish hatred as part of his career as a comedian, stating it’s his job to make fun of the people who “rule” over him.

“Now, if you’re like the head of HR of some company,” Benjamin said, “don’t do what I do. That’s not your job. If you’re like the sheriff or something don’t run around mocking Jews. That’s my job.”

Despite his hostility toward Jews and belief that Israel is an ultimate cause of American wars, Benjamin is a Zionist because it provides an opportunity for Jews to build a state of their own, farm and stop subverting the culture, economy and politics of the countries where they are currently living.

“It’s almost like it’s the first time the Jews can actually do something good for themselves,” he said. It’s like ‘Stop going to other peoples’ countries and subverting it and stealing. Get a country! Stop trying to take over everybody else!”

After displaying a picture of members of Neturei Karta, an anti-Zionist group of Orthodox Jews, Benjamin says. “Of course they’re anti-Israel because they have a cushy set-up here in America. They came here with their wizard hats and their f—-d up no-moustache beards.”

Benjamin, who alleges that the Talmud portrays non-Jews as the equivalent of livestock, made an ugly comparison of his own. “Finally, you have a tribe of people that goes from dog to dog just getting blood. I didn’t just compare them to fleas. Yes, I did.”

About the Author
Dexter Van Zile is the Managing Editor of Focus on Western Islamism (FWI), established by the Middle East Forum in 2022.