P.E.A.C.E. = Shalom – Episode Two – JFK – Nov. 22, 1963 : Bernie’s Not Getting The Message


This is one day in American history no one will forget. President Kennedy had successfully stood up to Russian aggression during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and made the Soviet Union dismantle those missiles. Americans had great respect for its leader, and his popularity was quite high among voters. So when the news came over the radio, while we were in school, that President Kennedy had been shot and then a half hour later, the announcement came that he was dead, we all were stunned into silence. It was a time in which all Americans showed unity and concern for the US Government now that President Kennedy had been assassinated.

I can remember how time seemed to stop during the period from when  JFK’s coffin was flown back from Dallas to Washington D.C., until the day of his funeral, which was  broadcast live to the nation. Schools and Governmental Offices closed. My aunt had invited me to attend a Vikings football game that Sunday, but that game, as well as many other sporting events were cancelled.

I now remember when the announcement of the shooting first came over the school’s intercom system, we thought it was another announcement related to the Cold War and the Russian threat of attacking with bombs.

From the time we came home from school until the funeral, our eyes were glued to the TV watching as history was unfolding. It is difficult to comprehend how something like this could happen to our President when he had so much Secret Service protection at his disposal.  It was a mystery why that bubble top on the limousine JFK was riding in, was not closed, to prevent such an occurrence as this.

To this day, it does not seem there is solid evidence which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt who was responsible. There were conspiracy theories that more than just Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible. And then two days later, when on live TV Jack Ruby steps out of the shadows and shoots Oswald, that was about as much as we could take. This was not anywhere near what you would call peace, but that really was a side issue as the nation was focused on the preparation for the funeral.

I can recall an investigative report on CBS, which was broadcast from the same 6th floor  Book Depository window, as Oswald was thought to have fired those shots. After having seen that report, I have much doubt that Oswald acted alone. Because an expert was given the same type of rifle Oswald had fired those bullets from, and then a car similar to the one JFK was riding in was going at the same speed as was the case during the day of the assassination.

As much as that expert tried, as far as I remember, he could not shoot three bullets in the same space of time from that rifle that matched the time span of the three shots fired on that day. Because that was a rifle that had to be reloaded after each shot. So after he fired the first shot, he then had to expel the shell casing from the chamber, and then load the second bullet; fire; and then repeats the operation again before he could shoot the third time.

The Zupruder film seems to confirm there were three shots in a short time span, and when that film was played, the expert analyst explained that when the person shooting the film would jump, that would indicate the time when each shot went off. And this was a far smaller time span then it took that expert marksman with Oswald’s rifle. So in my mind, it appears there most probably was another person firing that third bullet at JFK’s vehicle, which may have been responsible for the final deadly shot, as clearly seen on that film. And that person could easily have been anywhere on that grassy knoll without being detected by the Secret Service. This all seems a mystery even until today, at least to me.

But JFK’s assassination did lead to a form of peace, because the following year, the Civil Rights Act was signed into law.

And Now For The Message Bernie Failed To Detect

According to the information I have after doing research, it appears Bernie Sanders spent some time on an Israeli Kibbutz during 1963, around the same time of JFK’s assassination.  President Kennedy was 46 years old when he was killed.

Earlier this year, I commented in a Blog about an earthquake that hit Israel. My daughter Miriam told me at the time that despite other numbers I had heard, the reading on the Richter Scale that she heard was 4.6. I commented at the time that if I take away the decimal point, then I arrive at the number 46. And I made the point that if you go back 46 years, then we arrive at the year, 1973, which was the year of the Yom Kippur War. Where Israel was attacked on its Holiest Day, without warning, and still survived. It was a miracle for everyone to see.

Well Bernie, now here is where you come in. Earlier last month, your heart was also attacked, without warning it seems. You should give thanks to G-d you survived. Then, according to reports, you found out when you came back to Vermont, after your heart attack that your daughter-in-law had passed away, at the age of 46.

In the Parsha of Shoftim, when two words are written together,  just like it was when the two planes hit the WTC  at roughly the same time during 9/11, we need to pay attention that this is no accident and G-d is watching from his control tower, all of us here on earth.

So for the sake of all of us living in Israel, Bernie please stop the Loshen Hora you continue to say against our country. As a Presidential Candidate you should know better.

And you know what is more disappointing, that you learned a lot of things when you were on the Israeli Kibbutz just like Omar learned many things when she was supported by Minnesotans in her own district. And that means nothing to both of you. That is a very big shame.

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