Pain in the Epicenter of Entertainment

Orlando…we have all been there, or want to visit there with our children.  It is best known for Disney World, Universal Studios, and other attractions. Dare I mention Alligator Land?(As they say in Hebrew, Hamavin Mavin, those who understand, really understand).  And, now it will be forever remembered as the site of the September 11th.

“How” and “Why” are the obvious questions we are all asking. And, honestly, there are no good answers. Evil has shown its roaring head in the epicenter of all goodness.  It is like a roaring tornado in a sleepy hollow of a town, shaking the homes, and spitting out the contents.

It does not really matter where the tragedy happened.  Yes, it was a nightclub catering to the gay and lesbian community, so what?  It was a crime against innocent people, who were just out to have a good time.  And, a fundamentalist decided to take it upon himself to rid his world of what he judged as evil.

Welcome to the world of terror, America.  No, it does not make sense.  We in Israel have been living this reality on a daily basis.  The Dolphinarim Club massacre was Israel’s first massive terrorist attack in a dance club almost 15 years ago.  Survivors are still nursing their mental and physical wounds. Innocent people’s lives destroyed while just being out to listen to some good music, dance and have a good time.

We just experienced the attack at the Sarona market in Tel Aviv.  Sarona is one of the most unique outdoor shopping experiences in the country.  It is best known for its amazing restaurants and its green lawns.  Often, passersby can be seen dining on the grass with picnic baskets from a local restaurant that prides itself as giving a picnic lunch or dinner to share on the grass with friends.  Quaint, normal, and calm.  What could be more serene than a picnic lunch or dinner?

But, terrorism has roared its face in our midst.  Calm is not our reality. The terrorists want to instill fear and control.  Ruining the serene is their modus opperendi. We, in Israel, are tough, and we can take it and fight back.  Will America be able to do so? Will your leaders take control and fight against the terrorists in your midst?  Are you ready for the  battle ahead?  This appears to be only the beginning of the taunting season.

My first visit to Disney World included a trip to the Snow White ride.  It was the scariest ride of my life, I screamed the whole way as the evil Queen kept popping up on the walls saying “I will get you my pretty.”  I held onto my sister for dear life, terrified of the evil in our midst.  As we exited the ride, tears falling from my face, and visibly upset, my mother gave me a big hug and tried to calm me down.  I don’t think I could ever watch Snow White again, but the experience hardened me…the ride made me realize that I had to deal with my fears and fight with the evil, tooth and nail, even if it included screams and tears along the way.

Dear Western World, I hope you can fight the Evil Queen of terror in our midst.  Yes, there will be tears, but it must be done.

Pulse nightclub in Orlando

About the Author
Ariel Blacher, MSW, has been an educator in the Israeli school system. She is currently a writer working in the Hi-Tech industry. Her recent book, Gila Makes Aliyah, was published by Koren Publishers in 2018.