Palestinian Consistency

Last night I watched the UN Vote.

I tweeted furiously, I posted on Facebook. I railed.  In the end, the inevitable happened.  The world voted to give Palestine observer status at the UN.

Sure, I was pissed.  I was pissed at how again, the whole world is willing to suspend their disbelief and back the Palestinians for the wrong reasons.  They are willing to ignore facts.  They are willing to give standing ovations to a man who is a Holocaust denier and who is not even able to represent half of the people in Palestine.

This morning though, I woke up and thought, so what?  Not one thing has changed for the Palestinians through their hollow victory.  They don’t have a state, their people are still suffering at the hands of their own leadership.  Nothing has changed.

All last night’s vote has proven is that anti-semitism is stronger than reason and truth.

Did we not know that already?

Israel is largely going it alone just like they have done for their entire 64+ years of existence.  It’s nothing new, we’ve survived, we’ve even triumphed all without most of the world’s approval.

We will continue to do so.

And the Palestinian people will continue being the ones that suffer because their leadership is more concerned with hating Israel than with doing what is necessary to assure self determination for the people they purport to represent.  That’s the real tragedy of last night’s vote.  Nothing will change for them.  Final status and self determination are even further away than before.

If there is one thing you can count on in the Arab-Israeli conflict it’s the Palestinians sure bet on the wrong horse.  Time and again they act counter intuitively to their own interests.  I have my doubts at the sincerity of Netanyahu’s claims that he is willing to negotiate a two state solution, but that’s not the point.  The Palestinians are not even able to get themselves to the point where the problem is Netanyahu.

If I were Abu Mazen, I would try like hell to show the world that he is willing to start face to face negotiations in good faith.  Let Bibi be the one to say no.

We know that is not going to happen.  We know instead that the Palestinians are going to try to smear Israel further by taking their road show to the ICC.

I say let them try.

Let the real facts come out.  We actually should not hide anything but bring everything out into the open.  Let the world see that it is the IDF who acts with regard and respect to human life. Let them see that Israel has the most humane army in the world.    Let them see that the Palestinian leadership’s aspirations are not self determination for their citizens, but rather the destruction of Israel.

Bring it on.


About the Author
Dana has made it her habit to break cultural barriers and butcher languages wherever she goes. Born in Pittsburgh, Dana lived and worked in Tel Aviv for five years, before moving to the Netherlands where she lives with her husband and daughter in Amsterdam.