Asaf Shimoni
Asaf Shimoni

Palestinian media and UN agencies are inherently racist and a deterrence to peace

Why Israel should not be forced to make concessions.

While Israeli media report news and opinions from the Arab world, Palestinian websites and those of international organisations are one-sided and anti-Semitic (either overtly or subtly). International agencies and “human rights” organisations consider Israel responsible for the “occupation” and anything that goes wrong in the Palestinian Territories, Gaza and Palestinian refugee camps. The question of how the “occupation” came about and if Israel has a choice is overlooked.

Do Jews and witches still spread disease?

Arab and pro-Palestinian media are extremely anti-Semitic in that they blame social and medical problems on Jews (the same way Christian priests in Medieval Europe preached that Jews and witches spread diseases). Official Palestinian news organisations portray Jews in a manner similar to that in which Nazi propagandists portrayed Jews before and during the Second World War. European countries and UNESCO do not denounce this type of propaganda.

How objective is Al Jazeera?

Arab media such as Al Jazeera laud the “Palestinian struggle” as a progressive endeavor.

In an opinion piece by Shaheen Nassar on Al Jazeera’s Israel page (Zionism’s problem with intersectionality) the heading reads: “There is an undeniable organic connection between the struggle of the Palestinians and that of other people of colour.” The fact that an international news site publishes this kind of opinion piece demonstrates how little many in the Arab world know about Israel.

The author, a US-born Palestinian campus activist with a degree in Ethnic Studies, begins the opinion piece by writing that as a Palestinian he was confronted by a Zionist book while traversing the isles of a Barnes & Noble bookstore and “had the misfortune of reading a passage penned by a well-known Zionist.”

Only two sides to a story?

The opinion piece is a perfect example of double-faceted logic.

In his essay on multifaceted logic as a principal distinction of Jewish thinking, Vitalij Levin wrote that non-Jewish thinking tends to be double-faceted (any proposition can have only two sides of the truth) whereas Jews generally employ multifaceted logic (a statement can have a number of sides to the truth, beginning with three – true, false and indeterminate).*

The fact that the author of the opinion piece once read a passage in a book offering a different opinion is described as enduring “a barrage of macro and micro aggressions.” The “facts” are an absurd mixture of truths, half-truths, unfounded claims and totally irrelevant statements (the PLO once sent donations to the ANC and Huey P. Newton met Yasser Arafat). These are supposed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Israel persecutes “people of color” and that Palestinians are their natural allies.

However he overlooks the following facts:

People of color and Arabs also owned and traded slaves, perhaps to an even greater extent than European colonists. Also, blacks and Arabs are no less racist than whites.

The African refugees in Israel who are not economic migrants fled murder, slavery and rape in Arab countries. In many Arab countries blacks are considered inferior. However in Israel blacks are represented in parliament, serve in the army and are television personalities. This is definitely not the case in the Palestinian Territories and the Gaza Strip. What is Mr. Nassar talking about?

Many Jews are just as colorful as Palestinians

Half of the Israeli Jewish population were born or are the descendants of Jews from Muslim countries, most of which have few, and in many cases not a single remaining Jew. Who is practicing apartheid? Also, Jews from Arab countries, Israelis of color, Druze, Christians and Muslim Bedouin mostly vote for right-wing parties.

Blacks sold as slaves by Islamists in Libya

How can one overlook the fact that blacks are now being sold as slaves in Libya? Does ignoring this have anything to do with the “undeniable organic connection between the struggle of Palestinians and that of other people of colour”?

Since when are dark-skinned Jews also white Europeans?

A majority of Ashkenazi Jews (from Europe) are dark-skinned (one of the reasons Jews were persecuted during the Holocaust). Albert Einstein, Woody Allen, Theodor Herzl, Sigmund Freud and Richard Gere are not all blond and blue-eyed.

Israeli Arab Christians, Muslim Bedouins and Druze often describe themselves as Zionists and serve in the Israeli army.

The situation of women, gays and transgenders in Israel is infinitely better than in the Palestinian Territories, Gaza and the surrounding Arab countries.

Should Israel be pressured into a “peace” agreement?

The opinion propagated by the BDS movement and “human rights” organisations is that Israel should be forced to make concessions. However, who will guarantee and enforce the agreements?

International treaties did not prevent the Holocaust

The League of Nations was created following World War I to guarantee the end of campaigns of mass murder. However international guarantees did not prevent the Nazis from legally gaining power. Nor did international treaties prevent the Holocaust. Nurses in Red Cross uniforms accompanied Jewish children to Auschwitz

Today Palestinian organisations, Iran and many Arab countries still deny Israel’s right to exist. Some even belittle the Holocaust. Why would anyone in his or her right mind believe that Israel should make concessions?

*The Gaon of Vilnius and the Annals of Jewish Culture, Vilnius University Publishing House, 1998.

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Asaf Shimoni is an author, journalist and translator who returned to Israel in 2016 after spending 40 years abroad, most of them in the Netherlands. He grew up near Boston, made aliyah while living on a kibbutz (from 1973 to 1976), and graduated from Syracuse University in 1978. He also lived some 5 years in Sicily. He is currently in Amsterdam to sort our affairs. He believes that the media should be as critical and truthful as possible.
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