Palestinian terror is inherently racist

Anti-Semitism is a form of racism and can be manifested in different ways. Racists typically jeer at another ethnic group that is considered inferior. Racists often discriminate and commit violence against another ethnicity because they are different. Racists don’t even want the rejected group to live in their neighborhoods. Yet the highest form of racism is when those who feel superior don’t consider the despised ethnic group worthy of even living.

Humans are not born racists. It is a learned attitude and too often translates into violent behavior. Children are conditioned to be racists by attitudes at home among family members and at school among fellow classmates and teachers. There is something inherently racist, for example, about teaching your children at home and at school that Jews are descended from pigs and apes.

Some 850,000 Jews were ethnically cleansed from Arab countries in the twentieth century. This number exceeds the number of Palestinians who fled the nascent Jewish state in 1948 at the behest of their leaders so they could be out of harm’s way while the invading Arab armies finished us off. Palestinians fled war initiated by Arabs, whereas Jews driven from Arab countries fled persecution simply for being Jews. There was something inherently racist with how we were driven from Arab lands.

Yasser Arafat allowed himself to be pressured by the United States to accept the existence of Israel because he believed that Arabs would eventually constitute a majority. Once Arabs became the majority in Israel, it would no longer be a Jewish state. We would then have to again live under Arab rule as dhimmis. There is something inherently racist about dhimmitude. There was something inherently racist about Yasser Arafat.

Mahmoud Abbas doesn’t want our filthy feet to defile the Temple Mount. He does not want our filthy feet to defile the West Bank. He does not want our filthy feet to defile Jaffa, Haifa, or even Al-Quds. There is something inherently racist about Mahmoud Abbas.

The Palestinian education system, imams, and media all portray us as sneaky, conniving, cheating, conspiratorial Jews. To Europeans and Americans they claim that they hate us because of settlements or that we cling to the history of the Temple Mount? Palestinians need to be honest. They loathe us because of their inherent racism against Jews. Even being born in Israel does not make a Jew worthy of citizenship, in their opinion. All Jews born in Israel after 1948 must leave, they say. There is something inherently racist in their attitudes.

The Israeli government during negotiations has never insisted that Arab villages in Israel be transferred to any future Palestinian state at the time of any potential peace agreement, but Mahmoud Abbas repeatedly has stated that no Jewish settlements can ever be allowed in a Palestinian state. There is something inherently racist in such a position.

Back in 1948, when Jordan illegally seized the West Bank, there were no Arab governments forcing Jordan to relinquish the West Bank for a Palestinian state. Why not? Because Jordan’s population was overwhelmingly Palestinian. The Palestinians had their state and it was called Jordan.

Even the Palestine Liberation Organization renounced claims to the West Bank while it was occupied by Jordan because it was in the hands of Arabs. The PLO was not established to seize this area from Jordan and make it into a Palestinian state. The PLO was established to destroy the Jewish state outside of the West Bank and run Jews into the sea. There was something inherently racist in the position of the PLO.

Abbas knows that murdering Jewish civilians is acceptable to much of the world. Palestinians brag about murdering Jewish children and elderly like Americans brag about homeruns and touchdowns. How does the rest of the world react? Israel is pressured to forsake ever more of its historic homeland and turn it over to murderers of Jews. Racism is unacceptable in the United States, but it doesn’t seem quite as bad to some American presidents if racist violence is committed by Palestinians against Jews.

And it’s not just Jews that suffer from Muslim racism. Under Israel’s protection, seventy percent of Bethlehem’s population used to be Christian. Today, Bethlehem’s Christian population is less than fifteen percent. Christians have been forced to cede land under the Palestinian Authority because real estate ownership by non-Muslims is usually frowned upon. Israel is the only place in the Middle East where the Christian population is growing.

The Nazis were clearly racists because they saw us as not quite fully human in the way that they were. In their eyes, we were nothing but vermin that had to be eradicated. As Mahmoud Abbas has so eloquently pointed out, we have filthy feet, even after taking baths, and no amount of washing can ever make our feet clean. There is something inherently racist about describing us as filthy even when we are clean.

We cannot change the fact that we are Jewish. Palestinians rejected a Palestinian state in 1947 and they’ve rejected a Palestinian state ever since if it means that there will be a Jewish state beside the Palestinian state. There is something racist about rejecting a Jewish state when so many Muslim states already exist.

The educational system in Arab areas must be brought into the modern age. Just as racism is illegal in the United States, racism must be eliminated in Arab schools. Yom Ha’atzmaut is not Yowm an-Nakba. It is Independence Day. Independence from the British? Independence from almost 1,400 years of Arab occupation of Eretz Yisrael.

Mahmoud Abbas said on October 28, 2011 in an interview with Channel 2 that the Arab world erred in rejecting the UN 1947 partition plan. Why did the Arabs reject a Palestinian state in 1947? They were inherently racist. They erred then and they continue to err. We are not obligated to cover or make up for their mistakes.

It wasn’t just that the Arab world refused to accept a Palestinian state in part of what the Romans called Palestine. Arabs attacked the Jewish State with the sole purpose of destroying it and slaughtering its Jewish citizens. That’s not something we can easily forget, any more than we can forget the Shoah. The Arab rejection of us as neighbors is forever etched in our collective memory. There was something inherently racist about their bloodlust.

And it’s not just that the Arab world tried to destroy Israel in 1948. Here we are almost 70 years later and they are still stabbing, shooting, and purposely running over us with cars. If the War of Independence had been the end of hostilities after they failed to annihilate us, then perhaps by now we would have forgiven and forgotten. Yet Arabs will not allow our emotional scars and wounds to heal. There is something inherently racist in killing the elderly and children just because they are Jews.

Dhimmitude in Arab lands was difficult for us. No one likes being a second-class citizen. The gas chambers and ovens of the Shoah were a nightmare from hell. But we are now free people in our own land. We have come home. We should not allow our children and grandchildren to be subjected to racism in a Jewish state.

The Palestine Liberation Organization must be disbanded. Its members should be arrested for the thousands of Jews who have died over the years because of their incitement. Enough is enough. Arabs wanting to live in peace can continue to be beloved neighbors, but those belonging to terror groups should either be arrested or move to Areas A and B so they can no longer murder Jewish children and the elderly.

There is something inherently racist about the fact that Palestinians are always trying to kill us simply because we are Jews. There has to be a better way. Our government was elected to do whatever is necessary to protect us from violence and murder. Our leaders must worry less about what the American president and secretary of state say and be more concerned with Jewish safety. Racism and violence must be stopped.

Yoeli’s Mandate: Leave your mark, make a difference for the good, and do your part to make sure that they never again devour Jacob or make his habitation waste.

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Yoeli Kaufman earned his bachelor’s degree in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and then worked as an analyst and Arabic translator for U.S. Army Intelligence. His master’s degree was in Educational Administration from Temple University in Philadelphia. Eli now regularly writes for the Jerusalem Post, the Times of Israel, and Diario Judío México.
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