Palestinians… WHAT PALESTINIANS???

So recently the Left has been “up in arms” about the Israeli fight in Gaza. Masses of people including members of the Jewish Community are wringing their hands and expressing their “outrage” over the Israeli massacre of Gazan innocents. These folks are simply aghast at how Israel could blockade Gaza from much needed humanitarian supplies that if the Gazans had, well they would build into a liberal democratic paradise that would have equal rights for all and Gazan children would not be forced to undergo the deprivations of enforced poverty. After all, how many Gazan children need to die for Israel’s occupation…..

But there is only one problem with all of this manufactured outrage. For all of their criticisms regarding Israel, no one… and I mean no one is talking about the Palestinians. It’s like they don’t exist. I mean no one in the “anti-war movement” talks about the history of the conflict, no one in the “anti-war movmement” talks about Hamas, who they are and what they positions they hold. It’s almost like Hamas is some “progressive” resistance group who is solely defending the Palestinian people against the depredations of Israel.

To read the news of the Left or social media, one would never know that the Palestinians fired an estimated 3800 rockets (that’s Three Thousand Eight Hundred) un-guided rockets at Israeli towns and cities. When critics are confronted with that number there is usually an awkward silence and then they will blurt out: “But… Palestinians have the right to defend themselves”. Of course after asking just how shooting rockets and mortars at civilians is “resistance” or “self defense” one is usually met with stunning silence, as those who are advocates for Palestinian self defense don’t want to go on record saying that they are fine with rockets being fired at civilian populations. That little inconvenient fact sort of messes with their narrative.

So rather than deal with the obvious hypocrisy, they seem to simply say “Rockets…. What rockets???”. So when Amos Oz writes a piece regarding self defense, or people see a poll where 95% of all Jewish Israelis support Operation Protective Edge, they wonder aloud what in the world are people talking about. They don’t want to deal with the Rocket attacks so they simply ignore that they happened OR that if they did happened, they really were more like fireworks shows (one leftist blogger actually said this).

But then there are those elements of the Left that steadfastly maintain that even though they don’t like Hamas (although they vocally defend them and support their every demand in this conflict) that why should the “innocent people of Gaza suffer for the sins of Hamas”. Again, it’s a total disconnect from reality.

First of all, Hamas was elected by the majority of Palestinians in 2006. Everyone knew what they stood for. Everyone knew that they were a proto fascist theocratic organization that bases its governance on strict religious law and had nothing to do with 21st / 20th century reforms. Going into the War with Israel, Hamas was facing dismal approval ratings of around 35% – HOWEVER according to Palestinian Polls, they still would have maintained rule in Gaza as a strong majority of Gazans said they would have voted to keep Hamas in the seat of power. This was before the war.

The people of Gaza KNEW (how could they not see) that the aid money that was received was used to buy weaponry, rather that provide for civil infrastructure. People KNEW that the cement being shipped in for buildings was used to build smuggling tunnels into Egypt and tunnels for attacks and military operations into Israel.

But even more to the point, for these rocket attacks….. 89% of Gazans SUPPORT the Rocket Attacks on Israeli towns and cities (which in turn brings on Israeli retaliation). That number again…. 89%. And yet critics of Israel seem to simply overlook that these folks even exist. I mean for them, Gaza is filled with people just trying to “get by”  It’s like these rocket attacks and the people that support them… Simply don’t exist.

And how about those complaining about the Blockade. It’s like they forget that tons of aid already goes into Gaza. But more than that, they wonder just WHY. Why does Israel blockade Gaza

Perhaps Israel is blockading Gaza because Gaza is ruled by a group of people sworn to not only the destruction of Israel and the “liberation” of all of the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan for Palestinians but also to the annihilation of the Jewish people. Given that the people of Gaza elected and support this group and given that the rulers of Gaza use open borders to import weapons and other items to be used to shoot at Israeli civilians, exactly WHY does Israel owe Gaza anything?

How come that never enters into the conversation? Again, it is like the People of Gaza don’t really exist. The reality of their politics and the elected government (Hamas) not to mention the people’s political alignments are merely inconvenient facts to be thrown away.

In reality all I see is that no one on the Left and no one that advocates for the Palestinians wants to even acknowledge that the Palestinians themselves exist and that they play a part in all of this. Instead it is “wall to wall” – 24/7, (as they say on the internet) Israel is “Teh Suck”. No discussion of the fact that the Palestinian polity votes for these folks, when they actually even had an election.

No commentary on the 29 people summarily executed by Hamas without any kind of due process. Nothing on the fact that 69% of Palestinians polled do not believe in equal rights for Jews and Arabs. Nothing regarding the fact that Hamas persecutes women, minorities and that neither the P.A. nor Hamas really brooks any serious dissent.

It’s like those who advocate for the Palestinians simply turn around say… “Palestinians… what Palestinians” this is all about Israel and as everybody knows only Israel exists in a vacuum.

About the Author
Jon Segall is creator of the blog The Progressive Zionist. Jon has lived in Israel and studied Israeli and American Policy in the region. Currently Jon, is re-learning Hebrew, and is an active practitioner of the Israel Self Defense Martial Art Krav Maga.