Pallywood vs. Real World

Gee, how nice to read that it was new rockets that boosted morale in Gaza. I needed something to boost my morale, but that sure was not going to do it.

At first, there were reports of ambassadors from UK and France being recalled from Israel, and now that seems to be a growing fad. 

Then came news that IDF soldiers shot and killed an ax-wielding driver who rammed their jeep. After causing the jeep to overturn, the terrorist got out of his car, screamed “Allahu Akbar” and came after the soldiers with his weapon. He was shot and killed, 5 of the jeep occupants were injured. Would a terror attack against Israelis raise an eyebrow?

The international press was really in the thick of it in Gaza during Operation Pillar of Defense, many journalists hung out in Gaza hotels. Were they so certain that Israel would not attack innocent civilians?

wounded soldier, Soroka Hospital

In Israel, there were a few cameras at Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva to get photos of the wounded soldiers that were brought in by ambulance.

Iron Dome, near Sderot

The Iron Dome successes made headlines. But the Iron Dome was not used over the many open lands in the south, only in populated areas. How many Hamas missiles still lie ready to explode and kill innocent field workers?

children near bomb shelter

Not news, old news that Hamas aimed its rockets at Israeli children,

girls Kiryat Malachi

who have had to stay near shelters for safety for most of their lives.

kiryat malachi

Southern Israel has suffered quietly for years under fire of 13,000 Hamas rockets from Gaza. International media where were you?

bombed building kiryat malachi

Did the international press show you that in Kiryat Malachi where this building was hit by a Hamas rocket and three people died in their home,

Kiryat Malachi

that days later the laundry hanging in back of the building was fine? Seems when there are no weapons stored in the house, there are no secondary explosions and damage. Ho hum, not such an exciting photo either.

The PLO, PA, Hamas or Palestine, whatever they are called, have one message “we are the victims and Israel is the aggressive occupier.”

As long as Israel is a democracy where NIF, Peace Now, Meretz and many others are free to speak and former PM Olmert has an audience in NYC,  Pallywood will win the war of public opinion.

The world is willing to hear their message and believe it,

Kiryat Malachi shelter

even as Israeli children have had to play basketball in a sealed room,

playground Kiryat Malachi

while the playground near by was empty.

It was close, but more than those 15 seconds to safety away.

It was the shocking news that Israel wants to build houses that upset the European governments and others. How much violence PA incites against Israelis is of no concern. How many thousands were killed in Syria is of no concern.

Israel building over green line

This is the obstacle to peace.

Pallywood or real world, you decide.


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Tired of only seeing negatives images of Jerusalem in the media, I started taking pictures of what is really happening, to show the world the real Jerusalem streets..