Paper Planes

Soaring wistfully through the atmosphere,
From us to them.
In the dark, cold hospital air
We put smiles on their faces
Through the flight of the paper.
Their trails were far from smooth,
As were our communication skills.
We were strangers,
But at that very moment, our guards went down.
We shared cheerful laughter.
We connected on the runway,
Despite the fact that we would never have met on the street.
They are Arabs. We are Jews.
But So. What.
Patients are patients.
Humans are humans.

If only the world could see this side.
The truth. The raw, real interactions.
If only global society would recognize the false application of words such as “apartheid” and “discrimination” in regards to Israel.
If only they could admit that peace and the Jewish State are not mutually exclusive.
If only they could understand the flight and landing of our paper planes.
If they could just listen, hear the winds whispering of harmony whizzing past our planes.
If only they could board our planes and fly with us too.

About the Author
Tzivia Appleman is a rising sophomore at NYU, majoring in Politics with a double minor in Philosophy and Global Liberal Studies. She graduated from HANC High School, was formerly Regional President of NY NCSY, and spent 1.5 years at MMY immersing herself in Talmud Torah and engaging with the Mesorah.
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