Parashat Nitzavim: To Stand and Reckon (Songs From The Diaspora)

Songs From The Diaspora is a weekly poetry focusing on Torah and the weekly Parashat. This week in Nitzavim I considered the idea of standing together as community in a space out of time.



All present

of presence

Standing ever on the cusp-

saws turnt to lyres

in the glimmer and dazzle

of unspooling oath

a river entwining

Carving us-

as lands through to

sea after sea

still, the puzzle of our hearts

will falter and fail

lowing us in lands


from the smell of sweet salt ash

where our tongues were coated

soft sweet and rich


About the Author
Lucinda Lees holds BA in Fine Arts, and is an RN, MS. She is a lifelong writer.
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