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Parashat Noach: The World in a Drop of Rain (Songs From the Diaspora)

Songs From the Diaspora is a poetry blog focusing on the weekly Torah portion. This week, I feature Parashat Noach and take inspiration from the ideas of the flood, the ark and the very first generations after the flood.

Parashat Noach


At the edge,

a corrosion and fray

where plants and animals had bled


limbs twined and blurred together

all forms jagged, unstitched, unseamed

into marled muddy rivulets

His pattern corroded before His eye

So Noach

workmanlike, becomes a shipbuilder

His design a palm, a cradle-

to roll through the crashing waters

Till the flush of a Dove,

silver green in her mouth

pangs us new

and Each to Each

like a thousand particles of rain and light thrown across

a drying sky

tiny simulacra,

knitting a band of color, a bow


About the Author
Lucinda Lees holds BA in Fine Arts, and is an RN, MS. She is a lifelong writer.
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