Paris on the UN and Obama’s heels

Come on, quickly; let’s not waste time. Obama is still in the White House for a couple more days. The Security Council is there ready to pounce and who knows whether it’ll be able to deliver another nice blow to Israel by echoing the response to the resolution that will be taken in Paris.

Let’s take them down; it’s a good opportunity, another great, massive international condemnation just after the recent truck attack in Jerusalem, with a hypocritical glorification of the famous “two states for two peoples” formula and the condemnation of the “settlement policy.” It will be a slap in the face to Netanyahu.

Let’s do it immediately. Paris, which has always been anti-Israel, will provide great inspiration: let’s condemn Israel now because there are only a few days before the world might begin to rethink, with Trump’s inauguration on January 20th, the “two states for two peoples” formula.

It would be a wonderful idea if one of the two states weren’t completely impregnated by now with an authoritarian ideology, which is Islamist and relies on terrorism. It would be great also if Hamas wasn’t already winning in the Palestinian public opinion and if Abu Mazen hadn’t based his consensus on the rejection of any agreement with the State of Israel.

The Paris so called “peace conference” on Sunday is perhaps the last chance to stomp on the Jewish State before a sea change brings about the understanding that this refusal made up of bombs, vehicle attacks, stabbings, kidnappings…began long before the “territories” came to be occupied in 1967 through a defensive war that was necessary in order to guarantee Israel’s survival against aggressors. Among the latter was Jordan who used to occupy the West Bank, yes, them, and not the Palestinians who have never been considering that the core of their people before.

The Paris peace conference that begins Sunday will bring 72 nations together in the French capital. It’s accompanied by the hurrahs of former French ambassadors (they published an editorial in Le Monde that can only be described as disconcertingly preposterous, in the style of their ambassador who one night in London called Israel “that shitty little country”), of intellectuals, even Israeli ones, who love to mingle with the politically correct who despise hearing anything about the country’s security problems.

It’s a last ditch effort by President Hollande, who tried to prevent Netanyahu from marching in the procession against terrorism after the attack at the Bataclan concert hall in December 2015. France has always been anti-Semitic and the Que d’Orsay has a long history of deals and sympathy with the Arab world, which have always been based on anti-Israel agreements.

Now, at a time in which vital solutions should be put forth in Syria, Libya and Iraq, along with addressing terrorism in Turkey and Iran’s resurgence not only in the Middle East, but also on the global stage, here is France exhibiting Palestinian flags just after the truck attack in Jerusalem.

Europe creates this way a new alibi for the Palestinians to refuse any talks; they’ll reap the rewards anyway through resolutions, and this way terrorism will be seen as a political tool and therefore encouraged throughout the world.

The ultimate paradox, the absence of the principal players: Israel knows that it’s a joke, and the Palestinians – although attending – understand that it will give them fewer advantages than the blah-blah of international resolutions.

Translation by Amy K. Rosenthal

This article originally appeared in slightly different form in Italian in Il Giornale (January 13, 2017)

About the Author
Fiamma Nirenstein is a journalist, author, former Deputy President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Italian delegation at the Council of Europe.