Boruch Rizel

Parshas Ki Tisa 5784

The Following word of Torah should be in memory of my Mother, Maras Chana the daughter of Harav Shmuel Yechezel Alav Hashalom who passed away seven months ago.

The Torah commands us not to embarrass one’s friend. “Rabi Channia says in the Talmud that a person who makes his friend’s face turn white from embarrassment will not come up from Gehenom unless he repents by asking his friend forgiveness and then asking Hashem to accept his full repentance.”

Just remember treat your friend just like how you would want to be treated. For it says in the Pasuk “Love your fellow as yourself.” This way we can fix the world and pray together as one that this terrible war should end and we should only hear good news from now on.

May we be zoche to live in Peace and Prosperity Wishing all a great Shabbos!

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Boruch Rizel is a Jewish History Lecturer and a Blogger. He spent many years at Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem, where he completed the Mechina and Derech programs. And graduated from Excelsior University and has a TESOL certificate from the International Open Academy.
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