Parshas Naso-Shavous 5782

In this week’s Parsha we read about the Nazir.

The Nazir is a person who shall not cut his hair and not drink wine, and is not allowed to come into close contact with the dead. Doing this would separate the Nazir for Hashem. For the period of usually 30 days the Nazir becomes like the Kohen Gadol gets to serve Hashem at the Highest level! While the Kohen Gadol gets a hair cut once a week. He wears a special hat which is like his crown and the Nazir, who doesn’t have a special hat because his long hair is like his special hat.

Regarding Shavous there was a couple who have been waiting to get married for many years but were not able to for various reasons. When the Wedding day came they were finally able to live as Husband and Wife. And that feeling was so great you can’t explain it in words. The Wedding day was Shavous and the husband is Hashem and the wife is Klal Yisroel.

Have a Fantastic Shabbos and Wonderful Chag!

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