Parshat Vezot HaBracha/Simchat Torah: When We Stand Together

Liluei Nishmat Rav Eitam And Naama Henkin as well as the other recent victims of terroist attacks in Israel H’’yd

Tomorrow in Israel (or Tuesday in the diaspora) we will be reading the last parsha in the Torah Vezot Habracha. The parsha details Moshe blessing the Jewish people before he is about to die as well as the details leading up to his death and burial. Before the Torah details Moshe’s blessing’s to the Jewish people the Torah describes how GOD is king with the Jewish people when the tribes of Bnei Yisrael are united together (paraphrase of 33:5). Rashi makes note of the fact that it is specifically when we, the Jewish people, are united and not when we quarrel with one another that GOD’s presence is strongest amongst us.

It is essential for us, to view the recent terror attacks that have faced our people in the past few days as not only something to mourn and condemn as atrocious murders of several of our brothers and sister H’’yd but we also must fight against these atrocities in another way. We must remember the message of Racheli Frankel mother of Naphtali Frankel Z’’TL H’’yd, who was brutally murdered at the beginning of last summer’s war along with his friends Eyal and Gilad, and fight against this tragedy by uniting the Jewish people together and forget about the differences amongst us.

One great way for us to unite all of the Jews together is through the Torah which we conclude and restart anew on Simchat Torah. We must remember that all Jews have a share in Torah and have the ability to access it.

May we celebrate the wonderful gift of the Torah over Simchat Torah which we all share as well as all the things that unite us together as Jews not only in the sad times but in joyous times as well.

Chag Sameach-Gidon Herschander,Yerushalayim Ir Hakodesh, 5776

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