Party On!

There is no person more divisive in Israel than our current President, Shimon Peres. The Nobel Prize for Divisiveness is his, hands down.

Accompanying the endless hullabaloo of last week’s events, were many citizens’ ambivalence, anger that the festivities cost 11 million NIS, and the annoyance of the never ending coverage of the media’s sweetheart.

But in the spirit of the three week period which commemorates the destruction of the two Batei Mikdash/Temples, and a time when we stress Ahavat Chinam, unconditional love, I prefer to flip this divisiveness.  So here is my positive, take-home lesson which I can grow from, teach my children and share with my friends/readership.

Last month, on a beautiful Shabbat morning, a couple friends made a surprise party in honor of our very special 90 year old neighbor.

Two celebrants chose not to celebrate/highlight their birthdays, as they do annually together, but rather, honor Mr. Kleiman.

For 45 minutes, a few NIS and a lot of love, Mr. Kleiman made our day, as much as we made his. Mr. Kleiman’s standard opening line ‘Did I tell you the one about’ has kept his neighbors and friends in stitches over the years. Even after he lost both his legs, he has retained his sense of humor, his Zionist passion, his dignity and his love of life.

Let us all seek out and celebrate with a 90 year-old (or any special birthday, 80 and over). Just don’t ask them to blow out the (91) candles…….

A little time. Very little money. And lotsa love.

It will be felt by all.