David Herman
David Herman

Passover appeal to President Putin

Dear President Putin,

I am writing this appeal to you here in Jerusalem on the eve of our Passover Festival, our Festival of Freedom, on behalf of all those throughout the world who wish to know finally about the fate of the great Rescuer of Jews during the Holocaust, Raoul Wallenberg. You alone Mr. President can reveal what really happened to Raoul and his driver after they voluntarily surrendered themselves to the invading Soviet forces in Hungary on January 17th 1945. To date, his poor family, who have been searching for decades, have not uncovered the truth about his fate, although there have been a number of unconfirmed reports about his being seen alive in Soviet prisons well into the 1980’s.

You alone,  President Putin, have the power to finally present us with the unvarnished truth, so that we all, and above all his loving family Von Dardel, will have their minds and hearts put at rest, knowing the exact date and place and circumstances of the  passing of the legendary young Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of our people.

With this so valuable and reliable knowledge that you, dear President, will provide, we will be able to at long last pay proper homage to Raoul  Wallenberg who did so much for the Jewish People and for humanity as a whole.

Dear President Putin, I sincerely believe that you, and you alone, are able to at long last to set right this cruel injustice of history and reveal the true facts about Raoul’s fate, and for this noble act you will be praised throughout the world.

With best wishes from Israel and Jerusalem on the eve of the Passover Festival of Freedom,

David Victor Herman,

Founder of the Free Raoul Wallenberg Committee

About the Author
London-born David Herman came on aliyah in 1966 after graduating from Cambridge University. In the 1960s, he founded the Good Times Publishing Company specializing in publishing newspapers in simplified English, French and Arabic for the Israeli school system. David currenty works as a translator, and is also very active in the field of songwriting and performing under the musical name, David Ben Reuven.