Raising your self-esteem to have a better career & personal fulfillment

confidence enhancement

Increasing confidence will raise your self-esteem and is a definite first step towards feeling happier.

As a psychologist, I know that self-esteem is affected by unhealthy choices, negative life events such as losing your job or having a valued relationship end, frustrating relationships, and an overall sense of lack of control.

Low self-esteem can and often does lead to depression, anxiety, insecurity and an overall feeling of unhappiness. The inner criticism – that nagging voice of disapproval inside you, causes you to stumble at every challenge and feel that overcoming challenges is near impossible. 

You deserve to live the life you deserve!

Below are a few tips to increase your confidence, and in so doing, increase your overall happiness.

5 essential tips by Sigal Consulting to help you gain confidence:

1. Face your fears, head on

never-give-up1 (1)We all face challenges, whether at work or in our personal lives. They seem scary but fears are usually exaggerated. Facing your fears increases your confidence and boosts your self esteem.

Until you gain the courage to face your fears head on, you won’t truly see how strong you are, make a positive change today.

2. Forget your failures, focus on your strengths

Learn from experiences. Avoid making the same mistakes again but do not limit yourself by assuming you failed in the past so you won’t succeed in the future. Try again, and again and again! Don’t let the past dictate your future!

hands3. Become aware of your thoughts and beliefs

Once you’ve identified what is troubling you, pay attention to your thoughts about this. This includes your “self-talk” (what you tell yourself) and how you interpret the situation. Your thoughts and beliefs might be positive or negative. They might be rational, based on reason or facts; or they may be irrational, based on false perceptions. If this is the case, you need to invest time and effort to change these negative thoughts.

4. Being assertive

You deserve to have your dreams come true! Know what you want and simply ask for it. Don’t let people step on you or knock you down, you are Number 1, and that should be reflected onto the people you meet.

5. Reward yourself

It isn’t easy to make ends meet, so when you succeed, remember to reward yourself. Everything is easier when you take time to help yourself. Make a list of your successes and focus on the positive.

Here is your winner !


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About the Author
Sigal Abbatovi is an experienced Organizational Psychologist who helps pave the road to professional success, personal fulfilment and jump-starting start-ups, in a nutshell, Sigal helps people find the life they love and a career that supports it by following their goals, recognizing their dreams and therefore gaining maximum satisfaction from their lives. Check out the Sigal Consulting site on: www.sigalconsulting.co.il/en/ or call 0526754988 for more information.