Gottfried Hutter
Gottfried Hutter
Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Peace between Israel and Palestine – in spite of the present crisis

Gottfried Hutter, author of “Honorable Peace”, suggests:

Step one: the Israeli PM will address all Muslims and the Palestinians, preferably at a plenary session of the UN. He will formulate an apology for, in 1948, forcefully founding the state of Israel against the clearly expressed protest of all Muslim neighbors.

Step two: simultaneously, the Israeli PM will ask all Muslims and the Palestinians to understand the situation the Jews were in in 1947/1948, directly after six Million Jews had been murdered in the Holocaust. The Muslims will then clearly understand, that the Jews dearly needed a state of their own, where they could be protected. Thus, the Palestinian Jews followed the 1947 UN-suggestion of partitioning Palestine in a Jewish and a Palestinian part. Accordingly, they founded their Jewish state.

Simultaneously, the Israeli PM will declare that he fully understands that back then, the Muslims, the Palestinians were not able to feel true compassion with the Jews – but today he can see that the Muslims, the Palestinians, do have what it takes to feel true compassion. Thus, he can suggest the step needed to accomplish true peace:

By making use of their compassion the Muslims, the Palestinians can decide to present a great gift to their Jewish brothers and sisters, they can present the territory named “Israel” to the people of the scripture in gratitude for all the prophets they have brought forth – for they, from a Muslim point of view, prepared the way for the prophet Mohammed.

The Israeli PM will complete his statement by saying: Please let your compassion shine to overcome the present tensions and to welcome us, the people of the scripture in Palestine now as your dear friends – because that we will be.

Step three: Together with the Grand-Sheikh of the Al Azhar the Palestinian PM will present the suggested great gift in form of a written document. Reacting to that the Israelis PM will take

Step four: The Israeli PM will present a document guaranteeing the safety of a new and free State of Palestine and its capital East Jerusalem!

From that moment on there will be true and lasting peace – not only in Palestine and in Israel but in the entire Middle East.

About the Author
Gottfried Hutter is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, studied Catholic theology, history and political science in Salzburg, Austria. For five years he lived in the US. Insights there enabled him to meet a highly respected Sufi Master. One year with him in Egypt confirmed his understanding of the basic unity of all religions. He became a psychotherapist. Today he mentors severely traumatized Muslim refugees from the Middle East. 9/11 provided the idea and impetus to write this book: 100 Years of Middle East Conflict. HONORABLE PEACE. How Can Lasting Peace be Secured between the Muslim World and Israel?
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