Peace or a Just Peace

Until several years ago, the goal of anyone interested in the Arab-Israeli conflict, was a just peace. Today the word just is rarely mentioned, and the goal is simply peace.

Jared Kushner and his team will be going to the region at the end of August to make yet another attempt to reach a peace agreement between the two sides. However, as he has stated that he does not consider history important, how can he achieve any peace, let alone a just peace?

If he does not think that there is ample verifiable evidence that Jews have been in the land continuously for over 3000 years, that the League of Nations unanimously recognised the historical connection between the Jews and their land, that many Palestinian historians, academics and leaders have stated that their grandfathers and great grandfathers came not only from Syria and Egypt, but also from Chechnya, Albania, Algeria, that for many years during the Ottoman occupation and into the Mandate period, much of the land was malarial and almost uninhabitable and, If he does not ask himself In view of the last point, where today’s Palestinians who claim to have lived there since time immemorial come from, and does not take on board all the above points, his only option is to try to impose an unjust solution on Israel.

He has to be challenged on his disregard for, and maybe his ignorance of, the historical and legal aspects of the conflict.

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