Peaceful and Armed: Axis of Abraham as New Markets for Israeli Arms

As predictably, I chose the title in reference to the movie “Fast and Furious”. When we scrape the veneer of the “new Middle East” narrative, which points to the emergence of a peaceful order with the Abraham Accords, a different picture emerges. It is obvious that Israel’s defense industry is rapidly engaged in these countries. The new markets, of course, are so greedy that arms manufacturers can never say no. That’s why exaggerating regional threats always works in favor of the defense industries. But it is necessary to problematize it.

The Abraham Accords, which were signed under the auspices of the American administration in the summer of 2020, were primarily implemented with the participation of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Later, Morocco and Sudan also became part of these accords. The primary meaning attached to the accords was that Israel would be in a peaceful relationship with the countries of the region. Therefore, first of all, diplomatic recognition processes were implemented. So what happened next?

The Abraham Accords, which were accepted to provide peace at the regional level and public diplomacy was carried out in this direction, became known primarily with the arms trade in a short time. All four countries, especially the United Arab Emirates, have become the primary interlocutors of the Israeli military and arms industry. At the time this article was written, there was a news in Haaretz about the arms trade with Morocco. Accordingly, many items of weapons were sold: Unmanned aerial vehicles, spywares, missiles, rifles… In short, there is not much peaceful content…

At this point, let’s open a short theoretical chapter. There are some philosophical questions in security studies. For example, do you feel safe or insecure when you see a police officer? This is one of the very basic questions. A person who carries a gun, no matter what uniform he wears, is also a potential threat. In this context, making peace with guns is actually an oxymoron, paradoxical…

In short, the Abraham Accords present a view designed to provide new markets to the Israeli defense industry. This situation naturally cripples the “peace discourse”…

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