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Pesach Days Out in Israel: The Ultimate Guide!

Attractions, events and tips for successful outings in Israel during the holiday week – Deborah Dickson of  LoveLoveIsrael has the top days out for Passover 2019!

There are so many great things happening over Pesach! How do you choose what to do?

Don’t worry – I’ve compiled the only list you’ll need, featuring:

  • Organized Days out for the Anglo-Israeli community
  • BIG Festivals and Events
  • Shows
  • Organized hikes
  • Sites with FREE entrance this Pesach
  • Other popular Pesach ideas
  • Pesach survival tips and important information!

Organized Days out for the Anglo-Israeli community

Defense Training: Self-defense is always important. The Israeli Defense Academy is running a Defense Training Experience including shooting and an experience of army training – and it’s designed for everyone over 8! Click here for more information and to book.

Good For You!: You’ll always want to eat your greens once you have visited Israel’s famed “The Salad Trail” – with expert guides to take you behind the scenes of growing everything from strawberries to different-colored carrots! It’s a fun and tasty tour! Click here for information and to book.

The Amazing Race!: You must have seen TV’s famous challenge reality show, “The Amazing Race” – well here’s your chance to take part in an amazing Family race with other Anglo-Israeli and tourist families – you’ll drive from challenge to challenge but will the clues lead you to a big win? There’s a medal ceremony at the end! Book via this link.

Behind the Strings: Ptil Tekehlet is a much-loved attraction. Tekhelet – or biblical blue, was once the most precious commodity in the ancient world! Learn all about the elusive biblical snail – the chillazon – at this fascinating tour! They now have a brand new visitors center which is getting rave reviews. It’s interactive, fun and a totally appropriate visit for the Pesach holiday. More information here.

Discover a new region in Israel!  Enjoy an exciting half/full day adventure in the region between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea (Maale Adumim). You can customize your tour program by choosing between: breathtaking lookouts, interactive museum programs, desert workshops, mezuzah making, Ptil Tekhelet factory, Bedouin encounters with tea, artist visits,  nature walks and swimming in natural springs, ATV and jeeping, camel riding and much more. All programs include personal accompaniment by local expert. Suitable for all ages!
More information here.

Makin’ Trails: Do you want to take a guided hike or bike tour in one of the most beautiful areas in Israel? That’s what TrailHead offers in the Judean Hills, located just outside Jerusalem, which is sometimes compared in beauty to Switzerland and contains so much rich history. Explore the area by track or trail and you will see caves, views, fantastic nature spots, Jewish historical and archaeological sites, an abundance of flora, fauna, wildlife and birds. Choose from family bike or hiking tours in an area filled with rich history from the time of King David. Plan your day out with them here.

Pesach Pottery: Visit a brand new (and awesome) Ceramics studio in Beit Shemesh! This is a perfect activity, for family, couples, individuals, groups, parties… Click here to get creative and book a session!

Sweet Treats!: Candy making is as fun as it is tasty! Tomo Candy will give turn you into Willy Wonka in no time. During Pesach, they are Kosher for Pesach and are Mehadrin Kosher. You’ll love the experience, as will your whole family. Their workshops – which last around 1.5 hours – are always popular – more information here!

Mystic and Cryptic: Spending time in the North this Pesach? Safed Puzzle Room is a unique family experience that you will be sure to remember! It’s Mind-bending fun with a Tzfat twist! Information and Booking (plus a 10% discount) can be found here.

Pesach Scavenger Hunts!: Take part in an incredible Scavenger Hunt this Pesach with ScaVentures – We loved this activity as a family, educational and really engaging. Israel ScaVentures is a tour game that explores the story of Israel’s people, places and events through an adventurous, exciting and fun experience. Book early before the sessions sell out!

Israel on Wheels: Re-Gush ATV& Jeep Tours take you all over Gush Etzion and the Jerusalem hills, specializing in incredible tours, combining the fun of ATV driving together with guides who can tell you fascinating things about the history of the area. They can accommodate groups this Pesach of any size, from age 2+. You can choose guided tours of one hour, one and a half hours, and two hours using of a variety of ATVs, which are comfortable and safe. More information and reviews here.

Matzah and Graffiti! Choose between 2 great locations: the urban Tel Aviv with its Bohemian vibe or the tranquil setting of The Dead Sea and get spraying!  This is a super activity – engaging host Yael brings the art to life though the latest technology while you enjoy as a group/family. Participate in games based on the art – a “graffiti hunt”, mandalas, puzzles and more. Learn about the artists and have a blast spraying on the walls of TLV or on the inside of an old Jordanian army base by the Dead Sea. More here, but book soon.

Cheap SIMs: If you’re coming to Israel as a tourist, don’t run up a huge bill – Faith Telecom
provide the most affordable SIM plans for Israel – period. Their Israel SIMs are reusable so there’s no need to rent a SIM or phone anymore. You can also keep your SIM for future trips which is super-useful and they deliver to the USA or where you are based in Israel. More information and a 5% discount here.

AirPair: Not a day out but something that can really help tourists coming to Israel this Passover: Are travelling with kids from New York to Tel Aviv or Tel Aviv to New York? Do you ever wish you could have an extra pair of hands in the airport or a babysitter to help you during the flight? AirPair is here to change your flight experience when flying with young children. Whether you are flying on your own, or with a spouse the long flight can be very difficult, especially with many young children, so AirPair is there to help you! Contact them here.

BIG Festivals and Events

TIP: If you have an Israeli credit card or supermarket card – check for deals to avoid paying full price!


Automotor, the Israel International Motor Show, is back again with some great displays of vintage and new motors, including motorbikes, buses, tanks and sports cars. Some fabulous motorbike display shows, plenty of picnic areas and a lovely atmosphere for the whole family. Open21-24th April, 9:30-20:00 at the Mercaz Hayeridim (Convention Center), Tel Aviv.



The Wipark is back again, 20-27th April – The WIPARK Extreme Fun Park will be in Heichal Shlomo, Tel Aviv for Pesach. It will be filled with inflatable climbing activities and obstacle courses. There will be a special section for toddlers. 


Gamerz is Israel’s biggest gaming festival! There will be gaming tournaments, you can meet you-tubers and play at hundreds of gaming stations with games you will have never heard of before! Open 21-24th April, Hangar 11 at the Tel Aviv port (Namal Tel Aviv). The morning session is 9:30-13:30, afternoon session is 14:30-18:30. Aimed at age 10+. Under age 10 must have accompanying adult. Must purchase ticket for all children age 4+.

The Island at the top of the Azrieli is super popular for families with young children (under 12). This Pesach Playmobil are joining the fun!

Return to the Ice Age at the Museum of Man and the Living

A special interactive exhibit next to the Ramat Gan Museum Adam Vehachai, with over 12 life-size ice age creatures that react and move! Open 14-28th April.

Leonardo Da Vinci – the original Start Up!

The life and work of the most famous Italian artist in history, Leonardo da Vinci, at a unique exhibition presenting the best known works and models of the Italian genius – through special effects and advanced technologies.

The exhibition, called “Leonardo 500”, will show for only two months at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv, marking the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci,  who is considered one of the greatest artists and inventors of all time. The aim of the exhibition is to give visitors a one-time opportunity to enter the mind of the Italian genius.

The Haifa International Children’s Theater Festival

21-23rd April 2019.

The Haifa International Children’s Theater Festival has become an annual tradition, during the Passover Holiday. The Festival attracts crowds from all over Israel and abroad and enjoys great popularity. The rich program includes colorful open-air performances and special activities f children. Stage performances are taking place in the halls of Haifa Municipal Theater, and in the Auditorium complex on Carmal Center, while the street performances take place in the large complex, adjacent to the theater. Click here for details.

Birkat Hacohanim

This year, the big priestly blessing, Birkat Hacohanim will take place at the Western Wall, Kotel on Monday morning, 22nd April at 9:30am and 10:15 am. Read the LoveLoveIsrael survival guide to make the most of this experience!

The 23rd Moshav Country Fair

Monday 22nd April at Kfar Chabad!


Miki and Tzipi in the Circus

14-27th April at Ramat Gan Stadium. Plenty of parking. Click here for details and to book.

The Urban Circus

22-23rd April, Yad Charutzim 11, Tel Aviv.

The urban circus is a circus show for the whole family that combines soap bubbles artists, acrobats, balloons artists and dancers. A virtuoso performance in which comic situations are created in interaction with the audience.
A bubble artist, a balloon artist, dancers and an aerial acrobat meet on one stage in an amusing show, which combines theatre, circus, juggling, dancing, soap bubbles, balloon molding and a variety of aerial acrobatics! Click here for details.

Kofiko Festival at Ganei Hayehoshua

Bravo Circus – A Crazy Night at the Museum

Have you ever wondered what happens in a museum after it gets dark? Maybe after all the visitors go home, the figures and pictures in the museum come to life? “A Crazy Night at the Museum” will tell you all the secrets of what goes on in a museum’s at night! An international circus show with a team of amazing circus artists! After the dazzling success of over 30 performances last year, the show is back even bigger! This Pesach is a spectacular and mesmerizing show! An experience for the whole family! Do not miss!

Hashchuna Shel Hop – The Hop Neighborhood!

Shows at the Heichal Hatarbut in Tel Aviv this Pesach, 21-23rd April – click here for details.

Kirkasana – Miymouna Circus

A musical performance, combining technology, acrobatics, and the modern circus with breathtaking scenes! For age 3+. Perfprmaed at the theater at Cinema City, Glilot. Click here for more details.

Aqua Circus

The AQUA Circus, the circus on the water! A circus with a ship anchored in it is not a routine sight on the stage. From the big ship, dozens of acrobats, one special captain and a sailor, descend during the show. The audience is invited to join the trip and get carried away with them and the experience. The daring acrobats use the flowing water to test new boundaries with themselves, thus embarking on a journey full of surprises and adventures that has no specific goal but has quite a challenge.

The circus, with 40 artists from around the world, will take place in the new and grand circus tent at the Tel Aviv Sportech. Click here for more details.

Organized Hikes by Haganat Hateva:

If you click on to the Haganat Hateva website, any day now they will update 2019 and have a full list of different hikes which they are offering – family friendly as well as for teens or adults. You do need to register by clicking through their website or calling  03-6388688.

National Parks

The National Parks have many fun events – which are usually free if you have a National Parks Membership, and very reasonable even if you don’t. The new tourist ‘Israel pass’ for travelling on public transport (purchasable at Ben Gurion Airport terminal 3) now also allows you entry or discount on certain parks!

One of the highlights of the National Park events is the Horse Show at the Caesarea National Park, with two shows every day at 11:00 and 13:30.

What’s FREE this Pesach?

The Big Bank Hapoalim list of sponsored (free) sites is here!

Mapa UMatzah!

12 Heritage Sites will open for free this Pesach from 23-24th April!

The events include creative workshops, guided tours, musical performances, theater, dance, creative workshops and recycling activities, children’s plays and meetings with writers.

The sites participating in the festival are:

North –

Center –

South –

The Police Heritage Museum

The Police Heritage Museum in Beit Shemesh will be running free Pesach tours on 21-24th April from 9-15:00 (Last entry at 14:00). In addition to the museum you can meet members of the police force. If you want to join one of the guided tours, at 10,11,12,13:00 you must register in advance by calling 02-5788263.

Atachlit Ethipoian Experience – Beta Israel Village

Atachlit – Ethiopian Experience in Kiryat Gat will be open for visitors throughout Chol Hamoed. Go on a tour of the village and have fun building with mud! You can also learn how to write your name in Amharic (this is the only activity that has a token cost). The activity is adapted for the whole family and the village will be open from 21-24th April to Wednesday from 10:00 to 16:00. On Thursday 25th April from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. This is a free event! Could be a perfect stop-off if you plan on doing the Salad Trail (see top of post).
Call for more information (reservations are not necessary): 0537119909 or Email:

Other Popular Pesach Past Times:

Aquakef– Incredible inflatable water park on the beautiful Kinneret! Suitable for a range of ages and great, energetic fun!

Soos Agala (center) – a hidden gem and a unique experience away from crowds!  The Guinness Book of Records winners for the biggest wooden rocking horse invite you to create your own handmade carpentry table decorations as well as many other wooden toys at special Pesach workshops during Pesach. They help you every step of the way and you will take home a fabulous creation of your own. Read reviews here and book before you go! Suitable from age 4-13yrs.

House of Wheels– The Rolling Experience – 16-18th April – PRE PESACH ACTIVITY. This is an inspiring workshop in Herzliya, for the whole family, age 6+. Put yourself in the position of people with disabilities – experience what it is like to have limited use of you hands, or to use a wheelchair, or to do day-to-day tasks with a disability. Meet some wonderful people with disabilities and ind out how they manage. The sign-up fee for this workshop goes directly to helping others and the experience is eye-opening and highly recommended in the loveloveisrael group!

CliCaso (Kfar Saba) is a great paint-me-pottery studio that will be welcoming

visitors during Pesach vacation. It will be open daily from 10 am to 8 pm, during the school Pesach vacation and Chol Hamoed. Recommended to call first to book a time.

Kfar Kedem is a unique experience, where you go back to Mishnaic times. Learn ancient skills and ride a donkey and have great fun with your family! You must book.



Fruit picking is also popular at the time of year and you can see lots of ide


as around the country by clicking here

Be’er Tuvia Flower picking (image below) is always super popular and is already open.  Note that they are now located at Beer Tuvia and are no longer called ‘Kedma’. Click on the link for more details. Be sure to go at Pesach or before as the crowds over Pesach certainly deplete a lot of the flowers by the end. Oh, and don’t forget to visit the Ben & Jerry’s outlet store nearby (just put it in ‘Waze’) for some great KLP ice cream!

Ein Yael is always a success (and always busy so again, be the first one there!) and has plenty to keep a variety of ages happy. Ancient style workshops including mosaics, weaving, pottery and more. Details here.

Neot Kedumim always puts on great activities over Pesach. Somehow, because of its size it never gets too crowded, although we still advise getting there early! This year is a re-enactment of the ancient pilgramage to Jerusalem that Jews would make three times a year. Where did the pilgrims come to ancient Jerusalem?
What gifts did they bring home? How long does it take to learn to weave a carpet or to make a basket?
Find out this Chol HaMoed Pesach Sunday – Wednesday, 21-24th April, in the Neot Kedumim Park! For more details and to register, call 08-9770770.


Gan B’Ivrit in Rishon Lezion was the most popular park over Pesach in the past three years. So many of you went and enjoyed the lovely park which has a few well shaded playground areas aimed at different age groups, working water sprinklers (to be confirmed), plenty of picnic areas, bike paths, a small kiosk and a maze all themed with the Hebrew letters/language.
Other popular parks were Park HerzliyaPark Kfar SabaPark Anabe in ModiinPark Ashdod, the playgrounds at Namal Tel Aviv and the Zichron Yaakov sensory Park.


Free, fun and perfect at this time of year – especially as they are still a novelty for everyone. Beaches will be open in time for Pesach.


Ramat Gan Safari– We advise arriving early to avoid the worst traffic but even though some of you queued a long time to get in in past years, everyone seemed to have positive feedback about their visit. You must book online first!

The Biblical Museum of Natural History in Beit Shemesh has had great reviews and is great for a wide range of ages. It will be open from 9am during Chol Hamoed and runs tours every hour and a half. You need to book

The Biblical Museum of Natural History

a tour. They fill up fast so hurry!

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo has some exciting events this Pesach.

Note that you can park in The Technological Park at Malcha and there will be a shuttle that can take you to the zoo when the zoo car park is too full.

Davida’s Farm is always popular with young children and is often recommended for a fun (and a little bit smelly) day out!

Indoor fun:

White Pool – This is NEW in Israel and looks like great fun. A huge pool of white balls with lots of fun activities such as slides and omega! There is a branch in Beer Sheva, Crmiel and Nahariya/Akko!

Dov Halavan– (Center/North-Emek Hefer) – A great fun indoor extreme sports and circus tricks. Suitable for all ages as well as adults. You will have a great time here with special extras especially for Pesach holidays. If you get there later in the day call ahead to ensure they have space.

Find one of the many trampolining places that have sprung up over the country. Funtopia andBoulderland– these are great extreme fun for a big range of ages. While Funtopia is aimed at younger ages with great fun themed walls to climb, the older kids and teens can push themselves at Boulderland under the same roof!

Escape Rooms– This is the in-craze with over a hundred of these challenging ‘rooms’ all over Israel. If you haven’t been to one, we highly recommend you do! The rooms are all themed differently but they all have the same idea – you have to work out how to get out the room within an hour, solving clever clues and challenges as a small team. Great for teens and adults. We have lots listed here and recommend ‘Book Escape Room‘ to easily find a ‘room’ available when you want one!

Survival Tips!!

  • Bring hats and plenty water for everyone – it can get very hot over Pesach! Depending on where you are visiting, it might be wise to bring changes of clothes too.
  • Get to free and National Park events as early as you can – in fact everywhere will get very busy. To find parking easily and enjoy the sites before they are crowded, it is worthwhile being the first to arrive!
  • Don’t forget to pack your matza sandwiches and collect any trash you make, keeping our country beautiful.
  • Some hikes may not be stroller friendly but you could carry babies in slings/on your back.
  • Many events will have food stalls (some will be kosher for Pesach) or craft stalls with unexpected costs so be aware and bring money in case your children want to do these things.
  • While there are many things to do, don’t forget to make the most of this amazing family time and relax and enjoy and take lots of photos to capture the memories!!
  • Feel free to share your experiences and photos on our Facebook group! and on our Instagram! tag #love_love_israel on your Instagram photos and on Facebook and we will choose a prize winner from all the photos after Pesach! I hope you found this list useful – if you did, comment and share! Chag Sameach!

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