Peter Beinart exposes moral decay of leftism

Last night, TruthRevolt Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro debated leftist columnist and creator of “Zionist-BDS” Peter Beinart. What ensued was a highly personal and emotional debate that centered on who was more culpable in aiding the terrorist group Hamas.

In fascinating fashion, Beinart offered a greater indictment of leftism than any conservative columnist could ever write on their own:

“The irony to me is Ben and Hamas have an enormous amount in common,” Beinart asserted. “Hamas doesn’t believe that Jews should be allowed to live in the state of Israel. Ben has said that Palestinians don’t have the right to live in Israel, West Bank or Gaza, because he’s called for physically expelling all of them. So, in fact, the true moral and ideological partners, Ben, are you and Hamas.”

In the eyes of Peter Beinart, Ben Shapiro is ideologically the same as the radical Islamist terrorist organization Hamas.

In the 2003 column in question, Shapiro offered the idea of transfer as a way to solve Israel’s issues stemming from decades of conflict and the Second Intifada. In a 2013column, Shapiro disavowed such a thought:

Some on the right have proposed population transfer from the Gaza Strip or West Bank as a solution. This is both inhumane and impractical. Moving millions of Palestinians out of areas they have known for their entire lives will certainly not pave the way to peace. Moreover, these Palestinians will have no place to go, since their brethren across the Arab world would prefer to keep them cooped up in dismal poverty than house them in their own lands.

Nonetheless, Beinart failed to mention Shapiro’s real stance on the matter, and even took to Twitter after the debate to disseminate the 2003 column as if that was indicative of Shapiro’s opinion.

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Hamas, on the other hand, needs little explanation. Its genocidal charter is well documented. Not only do they want to end the state of Israel, but they also seek the murder of all Jews worldwide. Hamas enslaves its civilian population as human shields, murders political opponents and enforces a strict Sharia law where there is zero tolerance for those who dare go against the law of the land.

The only explanation for partnering Shapiro with Hamas is a deeply rooted commitment to leftism that erodes any sense of reality. Leftism is an ideology so perverted that terrorists who send children suicide bombers to blow themselves up in the streets and who seek nothing more than death are considered morally equivalent to a right-wing pundit.

Beinart’s assertion is hardly surprising for those familiar with the tenets of leftism. As Dennis Prager explained in a 2010 column, there are three explanations for why the left shows such disdain for the right (adapted):

1. Adherents to leftism believe the right is evil

2. When you don’t confront real evil, you hate the people who do

3. The utopian vision of leftism is prevented only by the right

Beinart not only disdains Shapiro, but is further agitated by the fact that he takes Hamas’ genocidal threats seriously and therefore is weary of attempting to appease them. And in Beinart’s mind, the only reason that the conflict is perpetuated is because of “hawks” on the right who force Hamas’ hand and enable them.

As Beinart said during the same interview, he believes that Israel “actually strengthens Hamas by creating — strengthening the climate of despair and hatred on which Hamas feeds” by responding with military force.

The left often flatly denies that they are drawing a moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas when they cover the conflict between Hamas and Israel. Well, there goes Beinart’s cover. He admitted on CNN that he believes that Shapiro is morally partnered with Hamas. Enough said.

We should always demand clarity over agreement and in this case thank Beinart for self-exposing the moral decay of leftism.

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Daniel Mael is a senior at Brandeis University, a contributor to, and a fellow at the Salomon Center.