Philosophical Wednesday

Our generation was raised differently.
We were taught to think creatively-

What was once so boldly black or white,
Is now simultaneously wrong and right,

What once was either or,
Is open to interpretation- it’s both and nor.

The guy with the gun is not always bad,
And those who cry are not necessarily sad.

The old are not always wise,
And the young don’t always need advise.

If it seems ready, it isn’t necessarily ripe,
maybe minorities like their stereotype?
If he’s into you he won’t look,
There are no clear rules in the book.

What’s on the news are truths and lies,
Propaganda and incitement make our blood pressure rise-
And speaking of blood pressure- the healthy are not always happier,
And that chocolate bar doesn’t always make you feel crappier.

Our generation was raised differently,
Everything is nothing
Anyone is nobody

Everything is its opposite,
But not always,
And not definitely,
And there’s exceptions,
But there are no rules,
Nothing’s simple,
But not too complex,
It can be what you thought,
Or never would’ve guessed.

So who decides what’s what?
the one who feeds ya,

I don’t kid ya,
is the media.

About the Author
Mor Lewit was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel and moved to Atlanta, GA in 2001. Ten jappy, starbucks-filled years later she moved back to Israel to join the army. She is currently studying communications and management at Ben Gurion University and on the side draws and laughs to preserve her sanity.