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Photogallery Of Mount Arbel: Incredible Place To Visit

The Mount Arbelis is located in North-West side of Sea of Galilee and it is famous for hiking trails in these days. Everybody should visit to see the natural beauty of this place. But its actual attraction is very much important than just hiking and adventurous points of view.

Here you can find few photographs to see the beauty of this place….

Kapilkumar Ingle

This mountain has importance archaeologically and historically from the Biblical era. With this, it is one of the National Park of Israel.


You can see various wild flowers on the top of mountains are attracting the black bees, honey bees and other pollinators towards them.


The wild relatives of wheat is the main importance of this place as it is natural habitat of those. This area is currently National Park and Natural Reserve of Israel protecting its flora and fauna.


But historically all this area was crowded and important in its glorious periods of history.


The Persian, Roman and other civilizations were connected with each other in this area.


The view from the mountain is attractive. You can see the villages, Kibbutz, vineyards and beautiful view of the Galilee Sea. You will feel relaxed here….


The hiking form this place to caves is the adventure. This area is famous for the few wild animals also particularly porcupine.


These caves are historically important and used as forts for safety. The stones of caves are very hard. Here two types of stones are used; among those the black stone is not form local place of caves.


The view from the caves are incredible. You can see the Golan Heights and few part of Sea of Galilee.


Finally, this area is the attraction point for the adventurers, hikers, historians, nature lovers and environmentalists because the importance of this area is in all these aspects.


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