Pipe dream or not?

Of course, Israel may have a government put together by the time everyone reads this but in the event that it still doesn’t  I offer the following solution to the dilemma we are now facing as well as possible future similar ones. Not only will it solve this situation but it will also make for a better Israeli life for everyone. The government will function much more democratically and efficiently. There will be competition within the government to make things better and the electorate will be happier. What more can one ask?

1- Since there are 120 members of Knesset the country should be divided into 120 districts based on the population figures for that area. Each party would put up a slate of candidates to run for the Knesset seat representing that district. Obviously the one receiving the most votes would then represent everyone in that district. The elected representative would be responsible to all those citizens and would do everything possible to satisfy them since he would probably like to run again and win in the following election. Also citizens would now have an address to which to direct their personal or community issues and the MK would feel a responsibility to assist them. In addition field offices of those MKs would be set up in those districts and the staff there would be receptive to all requests.

2-The threshold for entering the Knesset should be raised to at least 10% of the voting public. This would prevent many minor parties from using their “minimal” power to influence and stymie national election results and/or coalition building. Members of these smaller parties would have to integrate their issues into those of the larger parties by agreeing to a “platform” that then would become government policy.

3- Each party would decide by a primary vote who their choice for Prime Minister would be if that party gets a majority of the vote. If no party gets  a majority and a coalition is still needed then the Prime Minister would be the one appointed by the largest party.

4-Prime Ministers need to have term limits. Notice that Israel’s president has a term limit. Why not the Prime Minister too?

American system? Pretty much so. But the US never has multiple elections like Israel does and there is always one dominant party in power. Anyone that has seen a US ballot will notice that there are probably 20 or more parties running in each election but because there is a minimum threshold the minor parties can never become “kingmakers”.

Israel! Don’t let this be a pipedream.

About the Author
M.Ed from a leading U.S. university. English instructor. Former Gabai in U.S. and Israeli synagogues. Lover of Israel. Member of the politically right in Israel.
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