Plea to Netanyahu: Make the Speech that Democrats Cannot Afford to Miss

Everyone knows you want to tell Congress that no-one wants a nuclear Iran. Many Democrats will not be in Congress to hear your well-known views on this subject. May I suggest instead that you take the opportunity to tackle the topics that no member of Congress should dare to miss?

Please talk about the many attempts to delegitimize Israel. Please tell Congress that United Nations and human rights organizations only want to condemn Israel for alleged war crimes, and ignore attacks by Hamas on Israel. Please talk about the actual physical threat continuously posed by Hamas, who are re-arming in Gaza and recruiting children and poisoning their minds against Israel and any hope of peace. Be sure to mention Hezbollah and Daesh (ISIS), whose fighters are sitting very very close to Israel’s northern border. Please remind Congress that Daesh and Hamas have vowed to drive the people of Israel into the sea and to cleanse the world of Jews. Please tell Congress that Israel wants to live in peace with its neighbors but how can it make peace with a people committed to the destruction of Israel and the Jews.

Please talk about the increase in anti-semitism across the world. Please tell Congress how many Jews in Europe are again living in fear. Jews are being targeted in many different ways, including by physical attacks on persons and property, in social media, in campaigns against academics, and intimidation on university campuses. This is happening not only as a means of protest against policies of the Israeli government, but also simply because they are Jews.

Please take this opportunity to garner support from Congress to mount a world- wide effort to eradicate the evils of extremism and anti-semitism.

About the Author
Diane Webber is a British solicitor who recently earned a doctorate in law (S.J.D.) at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Her thesis was entitled Extraordinary Measures: A Comparative Approach to Crafting a New Legal Framework for the Preventive Detention of Terror Suspects.