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Please call a thief

Many years ago, when I was studying at the yeshiva, I was walking on a Friday before Shabbat and entered the Beit Midrash. There I came across an unusual scene: the Chief Rabbi of the yeshiva (the Rosh Yeshiva) was sweeping the floor. I immediately ran to him trying to take the broom from him, but he refused to give it to me. He looked at me and asked: “since when did you become a thief?”

Can you imagine how I felt at that moment? I was stunned! The rabbi smiled at me a fatherly smile and explained very calmly that this mitzvah of sweeping the Beit Midrash before Shabbat was his and if I wanted, I could find my own mitzvot and added “this is my mitzvah, and I don’t share with anyone”.

I thank everyone who offer donations to VOLEH (the non-governmental organization for new olim that I founded), but these are my mitzvot; for this reason, my organization does not accept any kind of donations. As a lawyer specializing in a variety of Israeli legal services, I usually do charge legal fees since this is my parnasa, but sometimes and for certain olim related services I decide not to and am happy to be able to help – and even happier to know that, like my Rosh Yeshiva of long ago, this mitzvah is mine alone and I won’t share it with anyone.

Thanks to everyone who for so many years has been an inspiration to the organization and me. I Thank those who supported me by contributing a positive comment on my website or in social media.

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We are a group of business and non-profit organizations, operating under one umbrella to provide a variety of related services and information. Please visit our service page to learn about the variety of services we offer and our Channels page to gain an understanding of who we are at the SZAJNBRUM GROUP. Tzvi Szajnbrum, Director, was born in Brazil, in 1957 and made Aliya (immigrated) to Israel in 1977. He is a licensed Attorney & Notary and professional mediator. Mr. Szajnbrum is personally involved in the new immigrant community, giving “pro bono” guidance through the Voleh Organization which serves as an adviser to new immigrants during their initial absorption phase, thus helping to guarantee a successful absorption into Israeli Society.
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