Simi Sapir

Please call me by my pronoun: Zionist

Bograshov & Pinsker St. Tel Aviv.
Bograshov & Pinsker St. Tel Aviv.

Two months into this war, I have concluded that this generation will not understand the truth unless we speak their language.

This is my attempt.

Before I start, please know this is not intended for those who have already opened their eyes or know that the only solution for terror is its complete elimination. This is also not intended for the faint of heart. Please consider this your trigger warning.

This is for those who have never stepped foot in Israel yet feel they can spread false realities as facts. This is for those who can’t find the Jordan River on a map yet feel equipped to discuss Israel vs. Hamas with information from TikTok reels. This is for you, the young man at the Free Palestine rally who gave my husband the Heil Hitler salute. It’s for the teens in Washington Square Park chanting “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.” It’s for the ones who said the same terrorists who butchered the families of hostages, also treated the hostages kindly. It’s for those who called raping and dismembering women, resistance. It’s for the antisemitic Jewish Voice for Peace organization. It’s for every LGBTQAI2S+ demanding a ceasefire. It’s for every university staff who refuses to condemn calls for the genocide of Jewish people. It’s for SNL who mocked Jewish blood in exchange for TV ratings. It’s for every person who destroyed posters of kidnapped babies. It’s for anyone who celebrates October 7th as a joyful day.

This is for all of you on the Hamas joyride.

Listen up, while you can.

If you think I will begin by claiming any type of victory, then please hear me when I say that we have already lost.


We, the Jewish people, have lost.

We lost 1,500 innocent human beings in one single day.

We have over 129 babies, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and grandparents, still held hostage in Gaza – their state unknown. And we are discovering the lifeless bodies of hostages every week.

We have lost over 490 soldiers, young men and women with lives, families, careers and upcoming weddings, abruptly cut short.

We have lost the sacredness of every Shabbat morning, since what happened on that one Shabbat in October.

And even when Hamas will finally let our people go, or rather, when we force them to, we would have still lost.

There is no win here, not now and not in the future, that could ever put us ahead of the massacre our nation experienced. There is no amount of therapy that could heal the collective physical, mental and spiritual wounds that Jewish people will experience for generations to come.

There is no amount of re-building that could restore the light and laughter in the homes that once stood, the photo albums that burned to ashes, the playgrounds where toddlers once jumped or the lives so many families once had.

There is no magic wand that could restore the hope there once was between Israelis and Gazans after we witnessed thousands of Palestinians gleefully follow Hamas into Israeli homes to murder, rape and loot families and their properties.

Hamas has successfully degraded the Jewish people. They have initiated what they have always promised to do in their charter where they explicitly state that “the Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and kill them.”

I will go ahead and admit what many others won’t – Hamas has won.

They have won so greatly, that they felt confident proclaiming on major news networks last month that October 7th was simply a “practice run,” and that they will do it again and again until the Jews are exterminated.

And of course, because everyone wants to cheer for the winning side, let me assure you – you’re doing exactly that. They are winning.

Hamas is winning through murder.

While you were making ceasefire banners, Hamas physically harmed, and killed, Palestinians who attempted to leave their homes following IDF guidance to evacuate.

While you screamed about al-Shifa Hospital, Hamas transferred patient medication and food to terrorists underground. They hid Israeli hostages in hospital rooms while Palestinians were left to rot, to claim higher casualties on the news.

While you cheer for the terrorists who beheaded, raped and dismembered whole families, Hamas refused a 7-day ceasefire and the release of female Israeli hostages.

Hamas is winning through funding.

By depriving Palestinians of infrastructure and a healthy economy, Hamas paints the somber image of a people living under occupation and garners billions of dollars in global aid – over $100 million annually from Iran alone. Add to that additional funding from Qatar, Lebanon and UN-based charity organizations, and you have a filthy rich terrorist empire.

International aid is used to purchase weapons, rockets and social media attention while fattening the pockets of Hamas leadership, who has no shortage of fancy cars and mansions abroad. Additional funds are used to pay a stiped, and rent, for families of terrorists. Who needs a thriving economy in Gaza when you get paid for murder?

Hamas skillfully fools the world while running the greatest genocidal Islamofascist money scheme.

When it comes to young minds, they have cracked the influence code. Hamas employs a network of social media powerhouses who spread propaganda and report Israeli accounts as false information to Instagram, X and TikTok, further eliminating Jewish truth. We now know that these influencers have direct ties to terror, usually in the form of Hamas backed family businesses in Gaza and Qatar.

For Israel, it is impossible to prioritize social media when we are fighting for mere existence. With Jews comprising of just 0.2% of the world’s population and Muslims at 20% and growing, our voices will never be as loud by volume disparity alone.

If you got this far and still care for the truth, here is what you should know.

The mission of Hamas is rooted in the destruction of Israel and all Jewish people. This mission is directly fueled by victimhood.

The reason Gaza exists today is because Israel believed that acquiescing to terror by uprooting every Jewish family in the region, would bring peace.

As a free nation, Palestinians independently elected Hamas in 2006, and while some surely regret that vote, we know that the majority vehemently favors Hamas today. Alarmingly, support for Hamas and the elimination of Israel as a solution to the war, is increasing in Gaza and the West Bank, and among 18–24-year-olds in the USA and Europe.

The notion of a “Free Palestine” is, in fact, a cry for terrorism.

It is the outright rejection of the only Jewish country and democracy in the Middle East, the only place where Jews and 2.2 million Arabs, and many others, already live peacefully side by side. It is a rejection of every value the western world stands for. It is Hamas’ biggest weapon to infiltrate the most pliable, easily influenced parts of society – you.

Everyone loves a good sob story.

Everyone wants to root for the underdog.

Everyone wants to cheer for freedom.

Hamas knows that better than you.

And there you are, another little hamster on their wheel, and they’re going to watch you spin round and round. And they’ll give you all the food and water you need – but just enough.

They’ll give you just enough stories and highlight reels to allow them to finish their job.

And once they finish it – once they kill all the Jews, the dissidents, the gays, the lesbians, the women who refuse to wear a hijab, the women whose skirts are too tight and pants are too short, the girls who dared to dance in public, and the girls who rode their scooters behind men on the streets of Gaza, a banned activity – once they murder and rape and burn them all, they will come for you.

You, the one with the Harvard degree and the “Queers for Palestine” banner.

You, with the BLM shirt and matcha latte in hand.

You, the one saying that context matters.

They will come for you.

And when they do, we won’t put up posters of your kidnapped face, or your bloody pants and broken pelvis. We won’t share photos of your beat up, naked body paraded around Gaza, or London, or Canada, or San Francisco. We won’t ask that they bring you home.

Because if they get to you, it means we are no longer here. Because what starts with the Jews, ends with everyone who stands for Western values.

So, in the meantime, please understand that while you’re drinking the Hamas Kool-Aid, I’ll scream at the top of my lungs for Hamas to let my people go and support my country as they fight to keep the democracy you waste to sympathize with terrorists instead of the people they are using as pawns.

I will be the proudest Jew you have seen. I will wear my Judaism like a crown, and my Magen David necklace on top of my shirt. And I will pray.

Because I already know that we have nowhere else to go and Israel is our only home.

Because I am from a nation who loves life.

Because I am from an army who could eliminate Hamas instantly but knows that saving one person is saving the world, even when it comes at the gravest price.

Because I am from a generation who knows the danger of blindly following the herd.

Because I am from a family who will stand for truth, even if it means standing alone.

So, when you see me on the streets, please allow me the same respect I’ve given you and refer to me by my pronoun:


And know that when we eliminate Hamas, we won’t ask for your support or appreciation.

We will only ask that you get out of our way so that the Jews and Arabs residing in Israel — the ones you refuse to acknowledge because they don’t fit your narrative — can all live without the constant threat of death.

We will only ask that you let us mourn quietly, without ridicule, without questioning the reason for our existence.

We will only ask that we be left alone to wipe a hummus plate clean with a piping hot pita on Bograshov St. before catching a cab to a wedding, where we will dance again.

Because this is what we do. We survive.

And in our bones, we already know that our survival is the greatest revenge.

Our survival means that the world your future children will grow up in, will be a better place for all.

So, I’ll ask you again – the next time you see me, please call me what I am – a Zionist.

A loud, shameless Zionist.

And should this piece inspire you to examine the Hamas Covenant for yourself, you will find they have not forgotten to mention you: “It is necessary that scientists, educators and teachers, information and media people, as well as the educated masses, especially the youth and sheikhs of the Islamic movements, should take part in the operation of awakening (the masses).”

You, my friends, are the most important players in this movement. Everything is working to plan, and the right people are on the joyride of awakening the masses.

The only problem is – the ride you’re on, ends in hell.

You might still have time to jump off.

About the Author
Simi is a rising thought leader and writer in the worlds of women, parenting and Jewish values. She is a mother and wife who transitioned a decade long career as a senior tech executive to full-time parent focused on raising a proud Jewish family. Originally from Israel, she moved to the US at a young age and today lives in South Florida with her family. Simi has been previously published in The Jewish Week, Scary Mommy and Huffington Post.
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