Please do not read if you are not a Jew

If you are not a Jew, don’t continue reading the following lines.

You would hardly understand them.

If you are not a Jew you have never felt yourself be hunted.

You have never faced a whole world that judges your deeds, asking you to adhere to the highest standards while it simultaneously closes both its eyes to others’ deeds, justifying their injustice and immorality.

If you are not a Jew, please do not go on reading. Because you would never be able to relate with this feeling of anger and impotence towards a whole humanity that is lying and making up fake accusations for thousands of years.

If you are not a Jew, you cannot understand how it feels to send your children around with their kipà on their heads, knowing others view it as the uniform of an enemy.  Or to walk in the streets and hear people yelling ‘murderer of children!’ to you, you, who would never harm a fly.

You cannot imagine the state of mind of a Jew who reads the news and finds a series of factious lines based on the distorted and biased filters of the major press agencies.

Whole pages that kindle the fantasy of society and paint us again with an aquiline nose and claw fingers.

News that transform us into blood drinkers, thirsty for power and land.

A people who are insensitive to others pain. These Jews, transformed from victims to cruel slaughterers…

If you are not a Jew, don’t even try to understand. Because there is no logic in this hate against Jews, in antisemitism. Nothing can explain the judgment of people who have never met you and yet think they know you so well.

Only a Jew’s skin can feel the painful comments made by people who are accepting everyone… except Jews. People who give everyone a chance…except Jews.

We are alone, dear brothers and sisters, we are alone among 70 hungry wolves.

Friends come and go, but history was very careful to provide enemies in every generation. We are alone as we have always been.

Maybe because our habits are really annoying.

We have the habit on insisting on creating light in the darkest places, we have that unique Jewish habit to try and enlighten not only our rooms, but to direct our flames towards others’ too.

Yes, what can we do if we are taught since childhood to think of our fellows and not only of ourselves?

We are affected by that feeling that makes us cry for Ronen Lubarsky, a soldier killed by an ‘innocuous marble slab’ as if we had known him since he was born; a feeling that makes us perceive, in the deep of our hearts, the cry of a mother who has just lost her soldier son.

We are affected by that fear that grips our soul when missiles are thrown at thousands of kilometers distance from our homes and makes us think: my home is there in that desert, in that history where I can be who I am and not in these four walls where I live everyday under scrutinizing looks.

If you are not a Jew you cannot truly understand Golda Meir’s words when she said that the worst punishment for an Israeli soldier is to be forced to kill his enemy.

If you are not a Jew and you’ve read until here, please take a minute of your time to examine the objectivity of your morality and to try to understand how you let factious news make you forget all the other tragedies of the world and concentrate only on the Jewish nation and its impelling need to defend itself from those who wish to send us back to gas chambers, we, the children of survivors.

If you are aware of all this and have chosen to speak on our behalf too, just a word: thank you.

And if you are a Jew, please remember.

If G-d wanted you to survive until now, if He helped you outlive those who wished to wipe you away, it’s because you have a mission to accomplish.

Go on to be the lone voice, the faith where there is no hope, the conscience that fights against the inurement to the normality of evil.

Gheula Canarutto Nemni

About the Author
Gheula Canarutto Nemni is a professor and novelist living in Milan, Italy. Her most recent novel '(Non) si può avere tutto' Mondadori 2015 tells the story of an Italian Orthodox Jewish girl and her challenges in the professional world in Milan.