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The Kentucky Chabad Shaliach Rabbi Litvin Was There For Me When I Needed Help

There is no doubt in my mind that one of the most important times I needed help took place many years ago in Louisville, Kentucky. And Chabad Kentucky was there to assist me any way they could.

My mother, Harriet, was staying in an old age facility in Louisville. My brother, Harlan lived in another suburb but was responsible for making sure Mom was given the best care. My Dad passed away a few years earlier so Mom was living on her own in Minneapolis until she was brought to Louisville.

In the summer of 2004, I received a call that Mom was not doing well and I needed to come and see her as soon as possible. Louisville is a very big city but has a relatively small Jewish population and I needed accommodation close to the old age facility as I was planning on staying for at least one week over Shabbat. That also meant I needed to be near an Orthodox Shul with a proper Mechitzah (a divider separating women and men) while davening or dancing.

There was no time to waste and therefore my only solution was to phone Rabbi Litvin to find out the possibility for accommodation, Shabbat meals, etc.

Once I was able to reach Rabbi Litvin he immediately made me feel like I was part of his family. I explained my problem and without hesitation he told me not to worry, everything I need will be taken care of when I arrive. With that high degree of confidence, I immediately booked on a flight.

I spent quality time visiting Mom, talking to her and comforting her to make sure she was happy because when I arrived from Israel I had to immediately go to the hospital to see her since her conditioned worsened.

I was treated like royalty by Rabbi Litvin and not once did he ever ask me for money. The only time he did ask was in Shul that one Shabbat I was there to sponsor the kiddush. By that time, Mom was well enough to go back to the Old Age home which was within walking distance of where I was staying for Shabbat. I was therefore able to walk to see her after spending Shabbat Lunch at Rabbi Litvin with his wonderful and hospitable family. Harlan and his wife were also invited to join us.

It was a trip well worth it for me because I also wanted to visit my father’s grave in Minneapolis. I was able to stand alone saying Tehillim until I had to leave to catch the connecting flight to Israel.

Sadly, I never saw my mother alive again. She passed away about one month after I visited her, August 31, 2004, which would have been my parents 57th Wedding Anniversary.  My father passed away March 27, 1998, which was our 19th Wedding Anniversary both on the English calendar. But the Hebrew calendar has a 19 year cycle so for me I consider this to be part of G-d’s Eternal Plan as both those dates match the 19 year cycle or a multiple thereof.

I thought it necessary to share this Personal Story to give readers an incentive to support Rabbi Litvin’s Project Friendship which will help bring comfort and calm to those people of Kentucky who were affected by this terrible tragedy due to all the severe weather.

Rabbi Litvin and Chabad were there for me when I needed them and hopefully readers will give generously to support this worthy cause.

I have located contact details at the link below-

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