Poem formerly titled ‘Copenhagen’

I won’t try to understand Science

I accept that its secrets are concealed

Confused though, it understands me always

My ways, my do’s and don’ts, my genes

Ways in which I am otherwise unable

Enabling the truth – known – never

Pronouncing death slowly

Through dreams and hopes told to you

By the media media mind fuck

Now trust

Now try

Now trusting in the unknown


Today, Religion has become exploited

By the wicked martyr – for the brokenhearted

So that if I look to Akiva (or Augustine)

As a role model, I am the butcher


Galileo wants revenge —

Could not cope with Copernicus kitten

Of bullish papal fantasy or citizen mittens

Have you too been resurrected?

Wreaking revenge on the masses

Have you become artists?

Has the Pope returned?


I believe you Mr. Columbus

You’re the one good man that can’t stand

I have art for you

You scientific funds securer

I have art for the

Global cooling melted ice-berg

I have naught for the geniuses of this generation

Well, nothing to purchase, that is


A confession laughed at

A fund secured

A sin glorified (a sin is holy)

Which laughs at me always

Looks at me never

And wants me to donate all of my money to curing cancerous planets

Secular science scoffs

God coughs

Hemlock is great for removing stains

Now Trust

Now Try

Now Trust In Your Bones

About the Author
Scott Krane has been blogging for The Times of Israel since 2012. His writing has also appeared in The Atlantic, Tablet, The Jerusalem Post and the Daily Caller, among others.
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