Poetic Tishrei – It’s A G-d Thing

Tishrei is quite the poetic time when ya think about it (and for those who believe 7 is nature and 8 is above nature – it fits nicely too…):

In Tishrei we:

1. Reflect on our being and our place – Slichot: Confess our mistakes & resolve to correct them 
2. Sound our Shofar: Declare HaShem is King – HaShem is One
3. Fast on Yom Kippur: Cleanse our pallet, physical and spiritual
4. Build and live in our Sukkah: Further exit our personal comfort zone
5. Quake and quiver with our Lulav, Etrog, Hadas & Arava: Take note of nature’s bounty and gifts and be complete as one with her
6. Cry Hosha Na! Help Me HaShem! and strike out with our hadassim: Acknowledge His dominion over all and ask for His grace
7. Complete and begin the Torah cycle once again: Tell our family story and tell it again and again

Then, and only then, can we ask HaShem for rain.

Just sayin…

Chag Sameach and A Very Rainy Year of Blessings To All!!

About the Author
Michael ('not THAT one') Cohen is a "Zionist Educator to the Non-Jewish World." The 2008 recipient of Israel's "Reserve Shield" award presented by the nation's Minister of Defense and IDF Chief of Staff, Mike lectures about Israel, the Jewish people and the Bible throughout the world and is amazed and extremely proud of the achievements of #SpaceIL. WE ARE ON THE MOON PEOPLE!!