Pollack: A Besieged People

Just days ago, Barack Obama, the Commander in Chief and honorary Islamic Protectorate, stated the savage beheading of yet another American by ISIS, Peter Kassig, was not representative of “any faith, LEAST of all Muslim.” If Muslims are the “least” representatives of worldwide terrorism, whom might we expect to be more prominent, Lutherans?

Days ago and now vanished from the headlines, four Jewish worshippers in a Jerusalem synagogue and a security guard were viciously attacked by Palestinian MUSLIM terrorists armed with meat cleavers, axes and guns. President Obama’s all-too-common response was to make a moral equivalence between Israel, a nation of laws, and a band of cold-blooded murderers. The Palestinian Authority’s leadership response was typically indifferent, coughing up a statement of regret that “any” citizens were harmed, then blaming Israel for everything under the sun.

Reminiscent of the Palestinians celebrating dead Americans following the 9/11 attack on the United States, Palestinians handed out candy in honor of killing men dressed in prayer shawls. This horrific event followed weeks of savage Palestinian attacks on Israelis, including ramming cars into bystanders. One of the numerous casualties was a child.

The United Nations, a wasteful and irrelevant piece of real estate, paused momentarily from their relentless condemnation of everything Israel to offer stoic regret. With the notable exception of the sincere and meaningful comments by Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, worldwide statements of sympathy for the slain innocents were matched by the obligatory nod for more peace talks; as if Israel has a Palestinian peace partner; which they don’t.

The latest onslaught of violence against Israel follows a summer of thousands of rockets and missiles fired by the terrorist organization Hamas. They launched missiles from mosques, hospitals, homes and schools in Gaza, fully aware the Israelis, like any country, would respond. Despite unprecedented efforts to avoid civilian casualties, Israel was castigated worldwide, including here in the United States for defending herself. Jen Psaki and Marie Harf, the two Valley girl cheerleaders at the leftist State Department, daily muttered something about Israel having the right to defend itself but reached a higher octave when enunciating their displeasure that too many Palestinian civilians had suffered. Their concern for the Jewish victims of that war seemed muted compared to their overt support for the very people who elected the terrorist organization Hamas to represent them. This despotic band of murderers initiated the war, forced civilians to die in the cross-fire and killed their own for seeking safety; all resulting in the mass destruction of Gaza.

Adding to this belligerency against the Jewish people, we read and hear blood-curdling comments by the despicably crazed Iranian Ayatollahs stating their plan to destroy Israel while no world leader openly and clearly condemns them. Even as they lie and deceive, the world’s largest terrorist-supporting state pursues its nuclear ambitions as the world cowers. November 24 is the deadline for the international community and Iran to sign a deal restricting Iran’s capacity to acquire such deadly weapons of mass destruction. No doubt, if there is an agreement, it will be impotent and the world will continue to open the door to a dark age.

Throughout college campuses in Europe and the U.S., the BDS movement grows. Ultra-liberal UCLA students voted by a wide margin in favor of boycotting Israeli companies. “Student for Justice in Palestine” is the instigator of this raging anti-Semitic campaign, intended to cripple the Israeli economy. It is hard to imagine such anti-democratic hordes residing on our college campuses. Even more disturbing is the lack of the public’s outcry at such lunacy.

In the face of such growing volcanic evil, the West must wake up. We have friends and we definitely have enemies. It is time to recognize the difference.

William Pollack is a radio, television station and movie theater owner based in TN

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William Pollack own and radio, TV stations and movies theaters in the USA currently residing in Memphis, TN.