Pollard Release: A “poison pill” for the Iran Deal

Pollard Release: Why now indeed?

So after some thirty years, the US is finally releasing convicted spy-for-Israel, Jonathan Pollard. Israel has been pursuing this result for years and under numerous US administrations — why did President Obama authorize Pollard’s release and parole just now?

Conventional wisdom tells us that Obama is trying to “please” Prime Minister Netanyahu and more importantly, the people of Israel, for whom Pollard’s incarceration has always been a sore point. A sweetener of sorts, one might think, especially after the rancorous relationship the two heads of state have developed over recent years.

But look a little deeper — what might really be going on here?

The context, of course, is the Iran Nuclear Deal. It’s no accident that Pollard has been released early in the 60-day Congressional review period — a period during which the President has been pulling out all the stops against the Deal’s Congressional opponents, from denouncing them for simple lack of understanding to accusing them of militating towards war — and everything in between.

So Pollard is a big, interesting story for the news media. Everyone will be interviewed, everything will be analyzed and re-analyzed, and guess what will be repeated ad infinitem for the duration of the 60-day review period? Stories about the “perfidious” Israelis who spy on their American friends, stories about the “traitorous” Jew Pollard (pictured wearing a kippah), stories about the damage his actions did to the United States.

And what’s the sub-text? Quite simply, that you, Congressmen and Senators, cannot trust the State of Israel with US Security — look what they did to you in the past (and who knows? perhaps even are continuing to do). Don’t believe them when they tell you this Deal is bad for US security. They’re a bunch of liars, cheats and no doubt, traitors to US security.

Every time you hear this story repeated in the media, you will also perceive the related sub-text. Obama will receive $billions of free publicity for his position — during its most critical period — simply by releasing Pollard a few days early.

This is the same President whose Justice Department had Senator Menendez arrested (“coincidentally”) when Menendez opposed the change in Cuba policy and the Iran Deal. The gloves are off now and the US government is distributing little poison pills, one of them inscribed with the name “Pollard.”

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