Polling ISIL sympathizers to understand their motives

There have been some surveys conducted in Europe asking the question: Do you support ISIL? In France, a whopping 16% of its population answered “yes.” However, the same surveys failed to ask, or maybe report, the quintessential question to be better prepared to defend ourselves: Why do you support ISIL?

How could we protect our youth from the folly of joining ISIL if we are clueless about the reasons? Polling ISIL sympathizers to understand their motives is imperative.

Mind you, with few teenagers intercepted before heading to Syria (Just today, three teenagers from Denver were prevented to reach Syria), their interviews by the respective western intelligence services should provide us with a window into their mindset.

If the sample is too small, it is not hard to poll those supporting ISIL in different European countries to glean into their minds. Short of a scientific polling, every analyst and pundit (To include me) will only project his or her bias toward explaining this strange phenomenon.

As far as what to ask, if I was writing the polling questions, one of the most important, with multiple answers, is:

Why do you support ISIL? Choose one.

  1. Because I like the idea of an Islamic Caliphate
  2. Because ISIL is fighting for justice against Assad and the apathy of the West towards civilians in Syria
  3. Because ISIL is willing to attack Israel
  4. Because ISIL is violent and only through violence Islam will prevail
  5. Because I fear the Shia terror of Iran and ISIL will defend all Sunnis
  6. Because I am dissatisfied with my own Government

Match this data with that collected interviewing intercepted teenagers and we will get as clear a picture as possible explaining why ISIL is so popular.

If the polling is conducted anonymously through Mosques or other trusted Muslim edifices (No phone calls), we will learn a lot about ISIL, Islam, terror, and Obama’s policies. Will the answers provide us with a problem we can solve without harming our interests? Or will the answers confirm our suspicion that only violence will protect us even at the expense of polarizing the Muslim populations? Is ISIL a fad or a permanent fixture Muslims are seeking because they lost hope in their own governments? How can the US prevent the rise of another ISIL?

Until such a poll is conducted, anyone rendering his or her opinion is a terror speculator. Here is my speculation. I believe the surge of Sunni terror is mostly due to Assad gassing women and children while Obama sat on the sideline and Europe and the UN debated the issue endlessly. I believe the atrocities Assad committed, which are readily available for viewing on YouTube have lighted a fuse of discontent towards the status quo everywhere, and especially towards the damage Obama has caused in the region.

What else I believe? It will get far worse as long as Obama is in office. There is much antipathy towards Obama everywhere he interfered, and everywhere he did not.