Poverty And Corruption In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

There’ll be nine billion of us, maybe in the very next decade. Our population is not just growing, it is increasing exponentially. By 2050 it will be too late if population control is not set right now. Seven of the top ten countries with the highest population in the world are some of the poorest countries in the world. Seven of the top ten countries with the highest population are some of the most corrupt countries in the world. Despite how grim that may sound, these countries stand to benefit the most in the coming years as emerging markets. However, this might not be feasible, and we might be looking at the very extinction of our natural resources and thus shorten our survival on this planet.

Technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Nanotech and Cognitive intelligence is here to create a better future. Our increasing reliance on AI could help us focus on aspects that were often ignored. AI will automate mundane and routine jobs. This will give birth to creativity in domains such as neuro-science, environment, physical well-being and in advanced stages after-life and longevity. Most of the human jobs that were once thought of as ‘non-replaceable’, are being done by machines with much more efficiency and speed.

Our planet needs a strong global governance now than ever before. This global governance needs to be based on transparency, honesty, accountability, liability, responsiveness, fairness and readiness to face the impact of negligence. Countries like Chile, Guatemala, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Malaysia and Ukraine need to send a clear and loud message to their leaders: Address corruption or face immediate global response! The greatest contributor to rapid depletion of natural resources is not technology but corruption and overpopulation. We as humans need to realize this. If one country is corrupt, it is actively destroying not only its own future but also the future of this planet, maybe slowly but steadily.

Unlike the previous assumption that corruption and overpopulation destroy wealth creation, today with limited resources, corruption and overpopulation not only destroys wealth-creation but also threatens human existence across the globe. Corruption and overpopulation will soon become the biggest contributors to reduction in average life expectancy as well as poverty in developed countries. There is no doubt that these two threats, endemic in emerging economies around the world and still prevalent in developed countries, ruin the very purpose of development and discourage technology leading this planet to an uncertain, rather dangerous future.

One of the finest examples of how corruption can derail progress in a world of AI is the example of two Asian neighbors and the worlds most populated countries, India and China. India is not able to finish its construction projects while China tends to build way more than it needs. Many experts today believe that China is at least one hundred years ahead of India in terms of technology and overall progress. The Xi-Jinping regime is one of the best regimes that China has ever seen with great focus on sustainability, development, technology and now environment with China deciding to go green. Both the neighbors are looking at countries like Germany, Israel, Russia and USA, India is looking for cutting edge technology and China is looking at trade and market share. Beijing and New Delhi have appreciated Israel’s political stability, diplomatic ingenuity and see the Jewish state as one of the regional pillars for securing their influence in the Middle East and the entire world. Since the last four years, these two countries have sharply ramped up trade, investment, and cultural ties with Israel. China got all the benefits of these ties due to severe crack-down on internal corruption, while India is still trying to re-build what gets destroyed due to internal corruption.

Last year China signed a $300m deal with Israel to purchase meat grown in a laboratory, also known as Vegan meat to promote healthy food and stop animal cruelty. More than 1000 Israeli start-up companies have set up operations in China. Similarly, bilateral trade between India and Israel grew from $200 million in 1992 to $4.52 billion in 2014. This trade has only been growing ever since. The key to India’s survival shall be a stark reduction in corruption in the next few years. If countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Chile, Guatemala, Iraq and Ukraine do not get rid of corruption, they will continue to create havoc for the whole world in the age of artificial intelligence.

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