Power only submits to a greater POWER

History unto this very day has proven that human {power only submits to a greater human power}, and a financially resourced based militarily power, this is what governs governments.

Power doesn’t submit to a greater wisdom, a greater Cabala, a greater Torah, Sanhedrin, Koran or Gita, power doesn’t submit to the Brahmans, the Buddha, Dala Lama or the Vedas teachings. Power doesn’t even submit to the shared reality of how donor recipients should behave in a person to person temporal experience.

The distribution of wealth and resourced structures based in equality and fair play, should be world mandate. Incorporating the concept of the planetary rotation in a shared space environment, should be enough to grasp the importance of occupation as one species. Substance by way of natural resources on earth, must be equally shared, but not, power submits to a dark hidden and non humanitarian hand.

The question we must ask ourselves as it goes on, ” what is the true purpose of our existence”. Knowing that all human costumes assume the tomb, no matter where they’ve been groomed or whether born with a silver spoon, all vanish soon!

When it comes to The State of Israel, we must examine the term MANDATE. It’s an early 16th century word from the Latin mandatum is ‘something commanded,’ neuter past participle of mandare, from manus ‘hand’ + dare ‘give.’ Sense 2 of the noun has been influenced by French mandat . 

Why should Israel be commanded, demanded to handor give something by order of a power and command or threat, in order to accept something that is not right ethically nuturing to our natural rights in our ancient land. There are powers who seek to remove Israel.

East Jerusalem, and all Arab populated areas are all occupied by something that is the reality of a Sharia or Caliphate law, that clashes with Israel, a full operating democracy that provides medical treatment, even to those who seek to dismantle us, the very nation that provides such rights is their refuge and sovereign.

The remedy to all of this is to remove ourselves from the UN and outside pockets, reclaim our natural rights as Yehudi’s of the land, find those who want to give because they believe there is life beyond the seen.

We must denounce the UN corporation, if we are to be fully independent of foreign interest, control and a truly independent democracy, we need to erect our flags from corner to corner, arrest those who act contrary to the criminal code, clean up the ghetto hoods, that need to be taught what it is to live in a democracy.

All of the problematic areas in our current State future Kingdom, such as in East Jerusalem and all of the highly populated Arab regions, which includes the 70 year old error of the myth of Palestine, needs to end and we clean up our country.

Its time to clean up the mess, reclaim our God given Yehudi identity, because the term Jewish is a corporate slave title, given by the Greek battalions of the Roman military divisions, that subdued our birthrights at the time.

Yehudi is what we are and The Kingdom of Judea and Israel is the title of the natural identity which corresponds to such a indigenous natural status, which signifies our independence.

My initiative, which could bring a final resolve, is that Arabs in Israel future Kingdom, be offered status as non Yehudi naturalized residents who can vote like now, if they choose to stay, or be deported to the nearest border, its as simple as that.

This UN and British mandate must end, and we must start acting accordingly, then issues of Jewish holy sites become legal matters that can then be enforced with a true Torahic (Yehudical) process of law, that is not influenced or threatened by outside forces or interest.

For instance, when the Saudi Sharia court carry out acts under Islamic Law, they do not weigh it in the public opinion or with the UN, any case, the UN does not have an issue with extreme Sharia Law penalties.

The enforcement of law must be under those who love the law, identify and live devout lives as law reps, I’m not saying this is not the case now.

Power can be perceived as weakness, when power is constrained by political lobby’s, who are not affiliated to Had Sinai.


Daniel Moshe Johnson


About the Author
Daniel Moshe Johnson is a former international pro athlete, an American/Israeli, former player with Hapoel Tel Aviv Bet Eleazar BC in Tel Aviv. Johnson has played all over the world. Daniel Moshe is an advocate for Tzion/ The State of Israel. Johnson is the father of two young adults, Don Daniel Robert Saperstein Johnson and Wendy Rilda Daniela Johnson, both Israeli-Canadians. Johnson is a Mishna scholar, student of Kabbalah and has aspirations to get involved in Israeli politics directly.