Powering Smart Cities with 5G Technology

The 21st Century Industrial Revolution has brought to the stage a new phenomenon of smart cities — an advanced urban infrastructure that improves quality for citizens. Smart City integrates information and communication technologies securely to manage the city. Next-generation 5G wireless networks promise to accelerate the spread of new technologies and raise them to a high level.

What is 5G technology and how does it work?

5G is the next generation of mobile network that is gradually replacing 4G worldwide. This is a 4G technical evolution that brings huge potential to business. The main advantages of 4G: speed, greater bandwidth and wider coverage.

The 5G network uses a higher number of frequencies which will increase the number of channels for data transmission. Based on IP the Cellular and cloud technology converge making it much easier to manage and deploy

Wider bandwidth

5G technology will also offer increased screen resolutions and higher bandwidth that will enhance the user experience. This feature supports the trend of using mobile devices for IPTV at home and on the move.

Uniform platform

 5G will create a unified platform for all devices and networks – allowing to use the network simultaneously to exchange data. Furthermore, 5G will identify what type of device is connected, and work differently accordingly. Connectivity will be more continuous and consistent, and the network will create a services market place frm different vendors.

Greater number of connected devices

5G will have the capability to support a larger number of connected devices by utilizing different frequencies. As a result, there will be fewer interruptions, and the connection will function more efficiently.

Extended battery life

Along with better performance, 5G will also reduce battery consumption and ensure longer operating time for all connected devices.

Digital inclusion

Advanced 5G capabilities will result in increased digital inclusion for urban residents who do not yet have high-speed broadband Internet access. Moreover, the choice of ISP’s will be much wider than today, and the price will be reasonably priced for everyone.

Enhanced security

The application of 5G technology will allow the instant transfer of videos from security cameras installed throughout the city to authorities, allowing them to take immediate action when needed. The increased connection speed will speed up video processing – for example, pulling specific information from videos, such as shooting, stealing and detecting violence. Informed decisions will be made. For more and more ease than ever

 Improved emergency response

5G could also account for instant response to emergency situations. For example, an auto-alert from a security camera can dispatch an emergency team to eliminate the potentially dangerous situation. 5G will also provide citizens with more ways to contact emergency personnel and actually help prevent crimes or accidents before they occur by leveraging predictive surgery.Troubleshooting traffic and transportation issues The city’s traffic sensors and devices and traffic system will be able to work seamlessly and automatically route traffic and driving alerts by road condition. There will be an increase of point to point communication, for example the cars will alert each other about their location to avoid collisions and avoid traffic jams.The city streets will also be safer for pedestrians. The phone can, for example, alert cars and bicycles in the vicinity and help avoid accidents.

Making our homes cleaner, safer and more energy efficient

Homes will be more energy efficient with a cleaner and healthier environment. The increasing number of frequencies will allow more devices to seep into our homes and work efficiently without interrupting each other.

personalized healthcare

Many people nowadays wear wearable fitness bracelets; With 5G these devices will be able to transmit independly (eSIM) unlocking the full potential to develop mobile health monitoring stations. There will no longer a need to visit a physician’s office to undergo medical examinations: physicians will be alerted to a variable patient status immediately and have the ability to immediately adjust prescription medication or change the treatment. Central access to medical records of a citizen can be immediately granted to a medical specialist. In a nutshell, 5G removes all the obstacles currently facing the emergence of personal health

Advanced city infrastructure management

The impact of 5G will increase connectivity between every aspect of smart urban infrastructure – from energy management to smart building management, and will allow city authorities to immediately redirect their efforts to areas that need attention.

In the near future, smart sensors will collect data on every aspect of urban life like weather, air pollution levels, and real-time traffic conditions. This data can be used later on to find use pattherned thus  improving the service to the customers.

In Conclusion

Smart cities will improve the quality of the lives for citizens in cities especially in small cities which currently leg behind. Companies and municipalities that will adopt and implement 5G technologies will be able to supply the citizens a wide verity of products and services that will make their lives easier, safer and more connected.

About the Author
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