Prayer for Jewish Soldiers

To all the Jewish Boys

who stand up tall

protecting native land and right to live

to ancient warriors of Jewish soil

who guard its treasures

and the Bible sand,


My love I send to you

as you were one,

and love of all the

mothers of my clan,

May our joined hope

please keep you safe

and spread protection

over each young man.


Ellina Zipman





About the Author
Ellina Zipman is an internationally published writer. Born in Tashkent, living in Melbourne since 1989, Ellina completed her Masters degree in music, translated a book by the Australian author Steve Carroll 'Remember Me, Jimmy James' into Russian and was selected to participate in "Portability," a bilingual writers project at the opening of the Immigration Museum. She won third prize in Monash University's Russian Writers Competition for her story "Airports." Ellina's poems were also published in the 2012 anthology, 28 People Write.