Pre-empting 9/11

This must be a game changer.

Imagine the scenario – two months before September 11th, the U.S. receives evidence that there is a mass scale attack being planned by Al Qaeda operatives on U.S. soil. The attack will be a pure terrorist act, killing thousands of civilians, and bringing the country to its knees.

Nobody would doubt the moral and legal responsibility for them to go after the murderers, and they would surely be given the backing of the entire international community.

Indeed, after 9/11 did in fact happen, the international community gave full backing to the U.S. 136 countries offered military assistance, 142 countries froze assets of suspected terrorists and 120 nations held national memorials for the victims of 9/11, whilst denouncing terrorism.

Hamas` true colors have been revealed. In just under two months time they planned such an attack on Israeli soil. 200 terrorists would be sent down numerous tunnels, with the aim to kill and kidnap hundreds of Israelis simultaneously. Bibi Netanyahu said that the attack would have brought Israel to it`s knees, potentially killing more than the 2000 people killed in the Yom Kippur war.

September 25th would have been the new September 11th. The fact that the IDF (with God`s help) foiled this attack does not change the facts we now know about Hamas. Hamas were planning one of the greatest terrorist acts in history, and knows no bounds in their war against Israel.

This must be a game changer. No longer can anyone believe that Hamas are a legitimate, or even a practical, organisation for advancing the Palestinian cause. No longer can the world make apologies for Hamas. And the world surely must support Israel in it`s bid to neutralise such a terrifying group.

We saw what evil looks like, on that fateful day thirteen years ago. We must never let it rear it`s head again.




About the Author
Aron White, 22, is currently studying and teaching in Yeshivat HaKotel, whilst studying for a degree in Politics and International Relations through LSE.