Prevent Possible Genocide in Kobane: a Call to International Community

The Islamic State has launched their offensive on the Kurdish city of Kobane since last week.  They captured 60 Kurdish villages and in some areas ISIS is only 14km from the center of the city. As the result, more than 60,000 Kurdish crossed boarder into Turkey to escape from the threats of ISIS militants.

The militants opened multi-frontlines attacks on the city with American heavy weaponry, tanks and artilleries gained from Iraqi Army. However, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) only have AK47 which make it hard to fight American made weapons using by ISIS. Also, the city has been left under siege for over three months and YPG in Kobane is lack of weapons and military support from other Kurdish forces on the ground. So, without the support from international community it could be impossible for the YPG to resist.

Kobane is one of most important strategic places that gives the terrorists a complete control of the big swath of the border with Turkey to further secure their caliphate, if they manage to control.  Also, Kobane gives ISIS the strength to expand its control from Ar-Raqqah to the border of Turkey which is a large territory.

Despite the importance of this strategic place, there is a more critical issue which the possible to turn into genocide and human catastrophic in twenty first century. The residents of the city faced a very difficult situation and If the ISIS militant control the city, for sure they don’t bother to behead and abduct thousands of civilian Kurds.

As its known by the international community that the city is under brutal attacks of ISIS terrorist, they should take and immediate action to protect the life of thousands innocent civilians and prevent another massacre by this immoderate group. If the International community failed to act, there will be inevitable human catastrophic and it has been proven that Islamic state has no mercy toward Kurds and Christians. Just few weeks ago, they killed hundreds of Yazidi Kurds brutally and kidnapped more than 500 Kurdish women.

To take the immediate action for preventing possible genocide and ethnic annihilation, the international community should take some urgent steps such as equipping Kurdish forces with heavy weaponries and artilleries to fight those terrorists, because it’s impossible to fight ISIS heavy weaponries with AK47. Also, president Obama should abide by its promises to destroy this terrorist group as he stated “I have made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are.” So, it’s the right time to take action and international community should launch airstrikes to help Kurdish forces on the ground to defeat ISIS succession.

Immediate humanitarian action also needed to the refugees on the boarder of Turkey where they live in a very critical condition with the shortage of water and food. World should be alerted that thousands of Kurdish children, women and old people are facing death threat in Kobane by the Islamic State and theories of human rights protection should become an action, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense.

About the Author
Nabaz is a lecturer at Lebanese French University. He obtained PhD. and Master degree in Public Management, UUM. He also holds a bachelor degree in Politics & International Relations, UKH. Nabaz is more interested to write on current political, economic and financial issues in the Middle East.