Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Next Speech

It’s always been my dream to write a speech for the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu. Because when he speaks, the whole world listens. So hopefully, this is what he will say next time he gets up at AIPAC or the UN:

Distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen,

I am speaking before you today on behalf of the nation of Israel, presenting a plan for world peace – for connecting the entire world.

We’re in the midst of a great revolution. A revolution of Israel’s standing among the nations. So many nations around the world have woken up to what Israel can do for them. These countries now recognize, what they’ve sensed for years but didn’t know how to define, that Israel has something extremely valuable to share with the world.

Today, for the first time, I’m going to reveal Israel’s true role in global affairs. The Jews have a duty and responsibility to share what they discovered back in the days of Babylon, with the entire world. Therefore, I am laying out here the blueprint for world peace, the method of correction that Israel can provide as a solution to today’s crisis.

Where does all this new wisdom come from? Israel’s highest spiritual authority – the world’s foremost Kabbalist, Michael Laitman.

Where Did it All Begin? What is the Root of the Problem?

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the “correction of the world” will only happen when we first repair the relations between people.

At a time when humanity’s interdependence is tightening and showing itself as the basis of all our human-made systems, there is a dire need to build new relationships of mutual consideration among all people. The numerous crises we are witnessing in all areas of life point to a terrible lack of healthy and positive connections between citizens of the world.

So what is the role of the Jewish people in light of today’s escalating global crisis? Some will say that the Jews are causing it, while others say they hold the key to tikkun olam. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains where both views emerge from.

The Jewish people were formed as a result of the first global crisis that afflicted humanity. Some 3,800 years ago, between the banks of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, in a desert region near present-day Iraq, humanity lived in great clans in Babylon. They lived together as kin until that relationship was shattered. The egotistical desire increased within the Babylonians, made them quarrel with one another and led to severe crises in all spheres of life.

One of the Babylonian priests named Abraham wondered about the nature of the deepening social rift. He discovered that it stems from a natural and inevitable growth of humanity’s egoism. In other words, Abraham discovered that tikkun olam is nothing other than a correction of the relationship between people. He wandered among the various tribes and clans, and called upon anyone who felt the need to build a new society.

The Babylonians who joined Abraham learned how to build healthy, positive and correct relationships, above the growing egoism. In time, the group grew into a new people: the people of Israel. Thus, the Jewish people were founded from a collection of representatives of humanity’s past civilization. The common denominator between them was the value of tikkun olam—the discovery of unity in diversity, and choosing mutual concern over mutual exploitation.

It has a ripple effect, spreading from the inside out. The Jewish people are essentially the first circle. They are a mini-model of humanity, a model of universal connection between people. That connection is destined to spread and shape the other circles around it.

How is this Connected to the Crisis Today?

At the peak of this process of tikkun olam, humanity reaches unity beyond borders, across the globe. That is, unity of the broadest circle that encompasses all of humanity—from world leaders to sheep herders in remote mountains. The correction must reach every man and woman, and every boy and girl. Everyone is equal, everyone is important; there is no preference and no discrimination.

In our time, the first step towards tikkun olam is raising awareness around the globe to the need for unity. Every person in the world must recognize the natural, integral system that binds us and requires us to be considerate of each other.

The Jewish people carries the idea and must reawaken it. Its role is to be as “a light unto the nations,” by being an exemplary society. Today, the nations of the world also have a duty to awaken the people of Israel to its role as a catalyst for tikkun olam.

When it comes to tikkun olam, we should not expect salvation to come from leaders and rulers. The change will begin with the masses. It is not for nothing that the modern world became connected through the Internet. The virtual connection between millions of people enables us to raise the awareness of unity in a positive way and bring about tikkun olam in pleasant ways.

When masses of people consider the value of connection, even slightly, they create a tremendous wave of mutuality and consideration. The power of connection is greater than any individual, and it enables human society to rise above its narrow, egoistic nature to discover a vast space of happiness that stems from unity.

Tikkun olam begins with tikkun adam (“the correction of man”). A tiny change of consciousness in each of us is all that is needed.

Global Unity is a Better Way to Solve All Our Problems

As a historian’s son, I have to ask: I ask it not merely as a historian’s son, as a jew, as a citizen of the world, as someone who has lived through the 20th century- don’t you think we have all suffered enough? All faiths and nationalities? Do you believe that there is a possibility to exist here in a far more pleasant manner?

Until now we solved problems with wars and money. But from now on, our new startup is to only solve problems in one way – through education. How can we raise the awareness of every citizen, every nation, and the whole world? How can we educate one another to take proper advantage of our collective resources and brain power? That we will stop using these things for our private use, but rather to benefit the collective? We need to build a world based on new values, where our collective stability defines the balance and quality of life.

Clearly this cannot happen overnight, but simply becoming aware of the new goal we all share, and starting to work on making it a reality – this is the dawn of a new era for humanity. It’s a truly historic milestone in our evolution.

Let us all start using money to invest in new types of education, new schools and new methodologies for all teachers that suit today’s youngsters. We have a new generation of incredible people – let us give them all the tools they need to pull us toward our better future. Let us embrace the unique attributes of this wired generation and create environments for them to flourish in.

We are really not short of anything in the world except good human relations. We can all get along here together like one big happy family, where no one is short of anything.

I’m not naive – I’m a realist. The plan will take time and we will all need to contribute to its success. But we really have nothing to lose. Either we’ll continue to waste millions on our current path, or we can raise everyone up through better education, and by listening to one another.

There are almost 8 billion people in the world to organize – that’s where the internet comes in very handy. We need to arrange it so that it’s accessible in every village, town, city and region. Each will have their own community with suitable materials in their language that suit their culture.

This will be the new United Nations that will truly serve the needs of all the people in the world.

In the words of Michael Laitman:

In order to create peace we must consciously switch on the positive, pro-social force between us. When we consciously behave kindly toward each other, despite our true feelings for each other, we set in motion the positive force that is latent within us.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Once we have genuine peace in the Middle East, the entire region will transform into being one of the most thriving places in the world. This positive energy will emanate from Israel to all the nations of the world on a daily basis. All we have to do is go along with the incredible process that was prepared for us thousands of years ago by our forefathers. They wholeheartedly wanted to give us this incredible gift, and nothing would make them happier than for us to accept it, and realize the thought of creation – here and now – in this world.

We, the people of Israel, will do everything in our power to maintain this steady flow of light from Israel to the nations of the world. All we need from you is to agree with this historical correction we must go through. We can either go along with the light and go through this process in a relatively pleasant manner. Or we can resist it and continue to experience great suffering. The choice is ours.

Wishing you all only health, happiness and that humanity will now be able to thrive in new ways we never imagined before. This is the new innovation Israel has to share with the world – how to have a life full of meaning and purpose, to truly live life to the fullest, and be happy.

Thank you.

About the Author
Josia Nakash made Aliya from Canada at the age of 12 on a 28-foot Cape Dory sailboat. She loves sharing all the good Israel has to offer the world. Josia has a BA in International Relations and Political Science. She was the IDF's second female sniper instructor and is a top marketing consultant and copywriter.