Fishel Jacobs
Black Belt Champ Turns Rabbi, Author/Speaker

Prison and dealing with others

Prison teaches how to deal with other people

When presenting your agenda with other people, don’t forget that they, too, have their own agenda.

You learn a lot in prison. It’s a rough place, put mildly. Put straight, it’s a jungle.

I spent thirteen very long years in maximum security prisons. Granted, I was the chaplain. But, I was in the cells, up front and close, real close, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., five days a week.

That’s close.

I learned one lesson, too. We had an educational system. We ran classes in the cell blocks. Around 30 inmates studied in each class.

Sometimes I taught. Most times, teachers under my budget taught for me. prisoners get a stipend to participate, just as they would for working.

At one point, the government wanted to keep tabs on the prisoners’ progress. That’s how governments cover their expenditures. They ask for stats.

So, we got the order to start testing our students, on a weekly basis. I was opposed. Testing is a good idea. I personally love testing. Testing is a goal. It’s a challenge. It’s something to overcome. It’s an adrenaline rush. Testing is good.

But, not in prison.

The grades started coming back. They weren’t rosy. Fine. Hey, it’s not an ivy league university. It’s 700 hardened men. And,

Time passed. The grades weren’t good. They told me to look into it.

“I told you guys,” I said. “You’re in one world. I’m in the trenches with these men. You just don’t understand.”

“Check it out,” they said. “And, report to us.”

I checked it out. And, in the process I learned a lesson which is extremely valuable. It’s been infinitely enlightening to me in my life. And, in this video, I tell you how you might find it valuable in your life.

It’s all about how to deal with other people.

About the Author
Fishel Jacobs was as a major in the Israeli Prison Service and Chabad campus chaplain at Tel Aviv University. He authored numerous bestselling books on practical Talmudic law in use worldwide. And is responding rabbi for numerous websites. He speaks worldwide.
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