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Pro-abortion Republicans

As a long-time pro-life advocate, I wish it were easy to refute David French’s recent article about the hypocrisy of the pro-life movement.   But it’s not and I can’t.

For over 50 years, the pro-life movement has bargained, wavered and abandoned their original position taken in 1973:  Human life is sacred and must be protected from the moment of conception, and we care for both the mother and her unborn child.

That message was clear but lasted for about a minute.   We were demonized as religious fanatics by the baby killers that grew to prominence in the turbulent decades of the 1960s and 70s.   The feminist movement made abortion their flagship issue.   Their message:  Women had a right to choose and pro-lifers wanted women to die with illegal coat hanger abortions.   It was all lies and propaganda that received widespread approval by the most important institutions, including college professors and students, the media, mainstream churches and the medical and legal establishment.   If their side is able to gaslight young people with deceptive pro-choice messaging that resonates it is because our side refuses to articulate the truth and maintain an unwavering human rights defense.

The rhetoric from their side is clear.   No exceptions for a single baby.   The rhetoric from our side is:  Let’s make a deal.

Republican Party leaders began the bargaining process decades ago.   They embraced “reasonable restrictions,” including anesthetizing unborn children so they won’t feel pain as their limbs are being torn off.   Others include limiting abortion to 15 weeks, and having exceptions for rape and incest.   Other pro-life initiatives were to ban abortions for disabled children with Down syndrome and for sex selection abortions.   Then there is IVF, which involves destroying embryos that are not used.   Republicans have become reasonable on that issue, too.

Democrat Party leaders hold a different worldview.   For them, all human life is disposable.   That’s why they have never wavered on their commitment to murdering as many children as possible.    Bill Maher admitted he’s perfectly fine with baby killing because as he says, there are eight billion people in the world and nobody will miss the dead babies.   Maher should interface with the countless mothers who still regret their abortions and grieve the loss of their babies years later.

Democrat leaders and their followers will not spare a single human life, including the lives of adult women, if that would mean compromising on child sacrifice.    Laura Kelly (D-KS) vetoed a bill that would have protected pregnant women from being forced into abortions they do not want.    That’s as anti-choice as you can get.

A clear message that is false has more bearing on societal change than a mixed message with dubious intentions that leaves people confused.   It’s like clutter.   Given the choice between two homes – one that is small and empty while the other is larger but filled with junk – buyers will choose the small house because at least they can see it.

After 50 years of being gaslit by Democrats with lies about “reproductive freedom,” baby killing is a fixture in the national consciousness.  Republicans have not countered Democrats with a single and consistent pro-life message.

If the Dobbs decision has shown us anything, it is that there is no consensus on what is good or evil.   Without the inclusion of a Personhood Amendment, voters in several states have passed horrific baby killing referendums.   That’s why Dobbs is flawed.    Some states allow unrestricted baby killing and others don’t.   That’s immoral.   We need a Personhood Amendment to protect all human life and to abolish all abortion, just as we abolished slavery.

Donald Trump made it clear that once elected, he will not sign a Personhood Amendment, or a Congressional ban on all abortion.   I believe him.   His message is clear and it is not acceptable.   Republican Kari Lake is running for the Senate in Arizona and she was quick to condemn an Arizona Supreme Court ruling upholding an 1864 abortion ban.   Lake says it is “out of line” with the views of Arizona residents.    The 19th century law is very much in line with modern embryology that proves life begins at conception.   Many Republicans continue to pay lip service to pro-life principles and then do a 180 flip when pro-life laws are passed.   It’s shameful.

The Dobbs ruling ended Roe, but pro-abortion absolutism is alive and growing stronger.   There are more abortions today than before Dobbs, mainly due to the proliferation of chemical abortion drugs.   The Democrats embrace child sacrifice and celebrate it.   In ten days, three women suffered serious injuries from botched abortions at one of the most dangerous baby killing “clinics” in America.   In 2017, infamous late-term abortionist and former preacher Curtis Boyd botched an abortion and was held responsible for the death of 23 year old Keisha Atkins.   But he was not stopped and continued his baby killing business.  Ms. Magazine did a feature story on Boyd, referring to him as one of the “doctors of conscience.”    There was not a word in the article about the death of Keisha Atkins.

Americans don’t know about abortion horror stories.   But they do know that Kari Lake is upset about Arizona’s pro-life law and Donald Trump is speaking like a typical pro-choice Democrat.

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In 1999, Bonnie Chernin founded Jews For Life, the first pro-life website reflecting the traditional Jewish pro-life viewpoint on abortion and assisted suicide. In 2018, Bonnie launched The Jewish Life League. Bonnie believes that life, both born and unborn, is sacred and must be protected. Bonnie is an accomplished classical pianist and prolific writer. She is a Certified Professional Coach assisting women in achieving their life and career goals.
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